Diocesan Staff and Officers

Diocesan Secretary
Canon Shane Waddle
Mobile: 07775 037 121
Switchboard: 0191 270 4100
Email: s.waddle@newcastle.anglican.org


Director of Discipleship and Ministry for Mission
The Revd Canon Ian Flintoft
Tel: 0191 270 4143
Email: i.flintoft@newcastle.anglican.org

Continuing Ministerial Development Officer
The Revd Catherine Pickford

Tel: 01670 785 606
Email: c.pickford@newcastle.anglican.org
see more about Continuing Ministerial Development using this link

Children and Young People's Work Support Team
Judith Sadler (Team Leader)
Tel: 0191 270 4152
Email: j.sadler@newcastle.anglican.org

The Revd James Harvey
Tel: 01670 787 263
Email: james.harvey@live.com

The Revd Rachel Scheffer
Tel: 01661 886 853
Email: rlsscheffer@gmail.com
see more about Children and Young People's work using this link

Diocesan Advisor in Local Evangelism and Mission
The Revd Canon John Sinclair
Tel: 0774 674 3857
Email: j.sinclair@newcastle.anglican.org
see more about Local Evangelism and Mission using this link

The Revd Claire Robson (Diocesan Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 270 4154
Email: ddo@newcastle.anglican.org

Dr Hilary Elder (Associate Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 270 4154 (Monday, Tuesday)
Email: h.elder@newcastle.anglican.org

The Revd Catherine Askew (Assistant Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 07543 805423
Email: catherineaskew@gmail.com

The Revd Jonathan Lawson (Assistant Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 908 7835
Email: vicarofheaton@gmail.com

The Revd Alan Paterson (Assistant Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 286 9913
Email: fatheralan64@btinternet.com

see more about vocations using this link


Transformation and Strategy Programme Manager
Chris Elder
Tel: 0191 270 4138 (Monday - Thursday)
Email: c.elder@newcastle.anglican.org


Church in Society Officer
The Revd Dr Nicholas Buxton

Email: buxton.nicholas@gmail.com

Partners in Community Action (PICA), Partners Development Officer
see more about the work of PARTNERS using this link

Interfaith and Ethnic Relations Adviser
Lesley Hillary
Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: l.hillary@newcastle.anglican.org
see more about the work of the Committee for Interfaith and Ethnic Relations using this link


Property Manager 
Ian Beswick
Tel: 0191 270 4125
Email: i.beswick@newcastle.anglican.org

Property Administrator 
Mrs Alison Campbell
Tel: 0191 270 4121
Email: a.campbell@newcastle.anglican.org


Finance Manager 
Philip Ambrose

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: p.ambrose@newcastle.anglican.org

Finance Officer 
Mrs Gillian Green 

Tel: 0191 270 4131
Email: g.green@newcastle.anglican.org

Finance Assistant
Mrs Elaine Breen 

Tel: 0191 270 4132 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Email: e.breen@newcastle.anglican.org


Parish Giving Officer
Position Vacant

For queries regarding Parish Giving and Stewardship, please contact a member the Finance Team, or Archdeacon Peter Robinson.

Parish Giving Scheme queries
Mr Daniel Doran
Tel: 0191 270 4145
Email: d.doran@newcastle.anglican.org

Email: communications@newcastle.anglican.org

Head of Communications
Rod Stuart
Direct: 0191 270 4139
Switchboard: 0191 270 4100
Email: r.stuart@newcastle.anglican.org

Communications Officer
Beth Hemming
Direct: 0191 270 4116 (Monday - Wednesday)
Switchboard: 0191 270 4100
Email: b.hemming@newcastle.anglican.org

For DBS queries please contact Ruth O'Hagan Email: R.O'Hagan@newcastle.anglican.org
For Safeguarding Training please contact the Diocesan Office Email info@newcastle.anglican.org

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Ms Ruth Rogan

Tel: 07825 167016
Email: r.rogan@newcastle.anglican.org

Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Mr Andrew Grant

Tel: 0191 270 4126
Email: a.grant@newcastle.anglican.org

Safeguarding Administrator (Supporting Ruth Rogan)
Mrs Ruth Stradling

Tel: 0191 270 4147
Email: r.stradling@newcastle.anglican.org


Human Resources Manager
Elaine Frecknall

Tel: 0191 270 4153 Mobile: 07833 266328 (Fridays)
Email: e.frecknall@newcastle.anglican.org

Human Resources Adviser & Support Officer
Marilyn Wright 

Tel: 0191 270 4153 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Email: m.wright@newcastle.anglican.org


DAC Secretary
Mrs Lucy Burfield

Tel: 0191 270 4127 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Email: dac@newcastle.anglican.org


Inspired North East Development Officer
Mr Ian Bapty

Tel: 0191 270 4123
Email: InspiredNE@newcastle.anglican.org


Administrative Secretary and
Secretary to the Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee

Mrs Carol Hepple

Tel: 0191 270 4120
Email: c.hepple@newcastle.anglican.org

Administration Support Officer/Receptionist
Ruth O'Hagan

Tel: 0191 270 4115 (Monday to Wednesday 13:00 to 18:00, Thursday & Friday 10:00 to 18:00)
Email: R.O'Hagan@newcastle.anglican.org

Mrs Karen Hunter

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: k.hunter@newcastle.anglican.org

Business Administration Apprentice
Mr Daniel Doran

Tel: 0191 270 4145
Email: d.doran@newcastle.anglican.org


Caretaker (Church House)
Andrew Crane

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: a.crane@newcastle.anglican.org

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