Diocesan Staff and Officers

Diocesan Secretary
Canon Shane Waddle
Mobile: 07775 037 121
Switchboard: 0191 270 4100
Email: s.waddle@newcastle.anglican.org


Director of Discipleship and Ministry for Mission
The Revd Canon Ian Flintoft
Tel: 0191 270 4143
Email: i.flintoft@newcastle.anglican.org

Continuing Ministerial Development Officer
The Revd Catherine Pickford

Tel: 01670 785 606
Email: c.pickford@newcastle.anglican.org
see more about Continuing Ministerial Development using this link

Children and Young People's Work Support Team
Judith Sadler (Team Leader)
Tel: 0191 270 4152
Email: j.sadler@newcastle.anglican.org

The Revd James Harvey
Tel: 01670 787 263
Email: james.harvey@live.com

The Revd Rachel Scheffer
Tel: 01661 886 853
Email: rlsscheffer@gmail.com
see more about Children and Young People's work using this link

Diocesan Advisor in Local Evangelism and Mission
The Revd Canon John Sinclair
Tel: 0774 674 3857
Email: j.sinclair@newcastle.anglican.org
see more about Local Evangelism and Mission using this link

The Revd Claire Robson (Diocesan Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 270 4154 (Wednesday & Friday)
Email: ddo@newcastle.anglican.org

Dr Hilary Elder (Associate Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 270 4154 (Monday - Wednesday)
Email: h.elder@newcastle.anglican.org

The Revd Catherine Askew (Assistant Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 07543 805423
Email: catherineaskew@gmail.com

The Revd Jonathan Lawson (Assistant Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 908 7835
Email: vicarofheaton@gmail.com

The Revd Alan Paterson (Assistant Director of Ordinands)
Tel: 0191 286 9913
Email: fatheralan64@btinternet.com

see more about vocations using this link


Transformation and Strategy Programme Manager
Chris Elder
Tel: 0191 270 4138 (Monday - Thursday)
Email: c.elder@newcastle.anglican.org


Church in Society Officer
Position Vacant

Partners in Community Action (PICA), Partners Development Officer
Position Vacant
see more about the work of PARTNERS using this link

Interfaith and Ethnic Relations Adviser
Lesley Hillary
Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: l.hillary@newcastle.anglican.org
see more about the work of the Committee for Interfaith and Ethnic Relations using this link


Property Manager 
Ian Beswick
Tel: 0191 270 4125
Email: i.beswick@newcastle.anglican.org

Property Administrator 
Mrs Alison Campbell
Tel: 0191 270 4121
Email: a.campbell@newcastle.anglican.org


Finance Manager 
Philip Ambrose

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: p.ambrose@newcastle.anglican.org

Finance Officer 
Mrs Gillian Green 

Tel: 0191 270 4131
Email: g.green@newcastle.anglican.org

Finance Assistant
Mrs Elaine Breen 

Tel: 0191 270 4132 (Tuesday - Friday)
Email: e.breen@newcastle.anglican.org


Parish Giving Officer
Position Vacant

For queries regarding Parish Giving and Stewardship, please contact a member the Finance Team, or Archdeacon Peter Robinson.

Parish Giving Scheme queries
Mr Daniel Doran
Tel: 0191 270 4145
Email: d.doran@newcastle.anglican.org

Email: communications@newcastle.anglican.org

Head of Communications
Rod Stuart
Direct: 0191 270 4139
Switchboard: 0191 270 4100
Email: r.stuart@newcastle.anglican.org

Communications Officer
Beth Hemming
Direct: 0191 270 4116 (Monday - Wednesday)
Switchboard: 0191 270 4100
Email: b.hemming@newcastle.anglican.org

For DBS queries please contact Ruth O'Hagan Email: R.O'Hagan@newcastle.anglican.org
For Safeguarding Training please contact the Diocesan Office Email info@newcastle.anglican.org

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Ms Ruth Rogan

Tel: 07825 167016
Email: r.rogan@newcastle.anglican.org

Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Mr Andrew Grant

Tel: 0191 270 4126
Email: a.grant@newcastle.anglican.org

Safeguarding Administrator
Ruth O'Hagan

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: r.o'hagan@newcastle.anglican.org


Human Resources Manager
Elaine Frecknall

Tel: 0191 270 4153 Mobile: 07833 266328 (Fridays)
Email: e.frecknall@newcastle.anglican.org

Human Resources Adviser & Support Officer
Marilyn Wright 

Tel: 0191 270 4153 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Email: m.wright@newcastle.anglican.org


DAC Secretary
Mrs Lucy Burfield

Tel: 0191 270 4127 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Email: dac@newcastle.anglican.org


Inspired North East Development Officer
Mr Ian Bapty

Tel: 0191 270 4123
Email: InspiredNE@newcastle.anglican.org


Administrative Secretary and
Secretary to the Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee

Mrs Carol Hepple

Tel: 0191 270 4120
Email: c.hepple@newcastle.anglican.org

Administration Support Officer/Receptionist
Ruth O'Hagan

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: R.O'Hagan@newcastle.anglican.org

Mrs Karen Hunter

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: k.hunter@newcastle.anglican.org

Business Administration Apprentice
Mr Daniel Doran

Tel: 0191 270 4145
Email: d.doran@newcastle.anglican.org


Caretaker (Church House)
Andrew Crane

Tel: 0191 270 4100
Email: a.crane@newcastle.anglican.org

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