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Welcome to Newcastle Diocesan Synod

Dates for Diocesan Synod in 2018

Meetings of the Diocesan Synod take place on:

  • Saturday 28 April 2018: Formal Diocesan Synod, Dr Thomlinson Church of England Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury NE65 7RJ at 10:00am
  • Tuesday 24 July 2018: Consultative Synod for Finance (Budget 2019 and beyond), venue to be confirmed. Start time 6:00pm
  • Saturday 20 October 2018: Formal Diocesan Synod, venue to be confirmed. Start time 10:00am
  • Saturday 24 November 2018: Open Synod Forum, venue to be confirmed. Start time 10:00am

DIOCESAN SYNOD: SATURDAY 28 April 2018 at 10:00am

The next meeting of the Diocesan Synod takes place on Saturday 28 April at 10:00am. This will be held at Dr Thomlinson Church of England Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury NE65 7RJ.

Paper reference Item Description
DS18 03 Agenda
DS18 04 Minutes of a meeting held on 30 September 2018
DS18 05 Financial Statements 2017
DS18 05a Summary Financial Statement for 2017
DS18 06 Contingency Budget Planning 2018
DS18 07 Annual Reports 2017 (update 20 April: available Tuesday 24 April)
DS18 08 Elections to Diocesan Synod 2018
DS18 09A Update: Resource Church for Diocese of Newcastle
DS18 09B Mission Strategy
DS18 09C Church Planting Strategy
Misc. Item PowerPoint Slides to support Item 9.1 General Synod Report
Misc. Item Amending Canons 36 and 37 to support Item 9.2
Misc. Item Briefing note: West Tyne Schools informal consultation


An Open Synod Forum to receive an update about Growing Church Bringing Hope was held on Saturday 24 March. Over 120 people gathered at the Northumberland Church of England Academy at Ashington to hear about progress with Growing Church Bringing Hope and to meet the Revd Ben Doolan who has been appointed to lead the Diocesan Resource Church (see the news article using this link)

Paper Reference Item Description Link to sound recording
  Link to full sound recording Main Sound File
  Welcome & Worship Sound file 1
  Introduction to the Forum Sound file 2
  Bishop Christine and Ben Doolan Sound file 3
  Update on the 5 Strands Sound file 4
  Common Ground in Sacred Space Sound file 5
  Church Planting Strategy (presentation) Sound file 6
  Church Planting (plenary session) Sound file 7
DS18 01 Diocesan Resource Church Sound file 8
DS18 02 Resourcing Clusters Sound file 9
  Closing Prayers Sound file 10
Rural Strand Rural Strand Strategy Paper  


The most recent formal meeting of the Diocesan Synod took place on Saturday 30th September 2017 at 10:00

Venue: Josephine Butler Campus, Northumberland Church of England Academy, Ashington NE63 9RY

A full set of sound recordings from the meeting are available using this link or you may select the individual items from the the table below.

Paper Item Description
Item 1 Welcome and worship (sound recording)
Items 2-6 Opening Business (sound recording)
Item 7 Presidential Address: Bishop of Newcastle (sound recording)
Item 8 Setting God's People Free (presentation) (sound recording)
Item 8 Setting God's People Free (response) (sound recording)
Item 9 Progress with Growing Church Bringing Hope (sound recording)
Item 10 Budget 2018 (sound recording)
Items 11-12 Synodical Business (sound recording)
Final prayer Closing Prayer (sound recording)
DS17 10 Agenda 30 September 2017
DS17 11 Minutes of the Diocesan Synod held on 20 May 2017
DS17 12 Agenda Item 10: Budget proposal 2018
DS17 12B Agenda Item 10: Accompanying paper to DS17 12
DS17 13 Agenda Item 11: Elections to Diocesan Synod 2018
DS17 14 Agenda Item 8: Setting God's People Free (summary report)
DS17 14A Agenda Item 8: Setting God's People Free (precis)
GS2056 Agenda Item 8: Setting God's People Free (full report)

Budget Consultation 2018: Have your say

A consultative meeting of the Diocesan Synod was held on Monday 24 July to begin the Budget Consultation for 2018.

Papers supporting the consultation are available below together with sound recordings

Paper Item Description
DS17 09 Budget Consultation 2018
DS17 09B Budget Consultation 2018 Parish Share Projection
Vision Sound recording of Bishop Christine's presentation
Plenary 1 Feedback from table discussions about the VISION
Budget Simon Harper's presentation (Chair of the Board of Finance)
Plenary 2 Feedback from table discussions about the BUDGET
Parish Share Liz Kerry's presentation (Vice Chair, Board of Finance)
Plenary 3 Feeback from the table discussions about PARISH SHARE

Responding to the Budget Consultation

You are invited to engage with the consultation process and should you wish to offer comments or proposals for the Finance Group to consider please address these, by 10 September 2017 to:

E-mail: info@newcastle.anglican.org

Post: Budget 2018 Consultation, Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields NE29 6HS (for attention of Shane Waddle)

Diocesan Synod Archive

Use this link to visit the Synod Archive: see information from previous meetings of the Diocesan Synod




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