A bereavement is one of life's hardest and saddest experiences. Losing a loved one can be a bewildering and distressing time, at any age and cause of death. This page is designed to help you arrange the funeral and deal with other practical matters after a bereavement.


Registering the death
In England, a person's death must be registered with the local authorities before you can arrange the funeral. The government website provides a step-by-step guide on what to do after someone dies:


Arranging a church funeral
Everyone living in England is entitled to a Church of England funeral, regardless of their personal beliefs. A Church of England funeral doesn't have to be in a church. For example, it can be held in a crematorium, or at a green burial ground. To find a church near you, with contact details, click on the link below and type in a place name. This will bring up a list of local churches:
Find a Church


Funeral Directors
The funeral director plays a very important part in all funeral arrangements. They know the local clergy, the local cemeteries and the crematoria. As part of a national network of funeral directors, they can, if necessary, give advice on funerals in other parts of the country, as well as on costs and fees. Links to the three national networks in the UK are below:

National Association of Funeral Directors
National Federation of Funeral Directors
The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)


After the Funeral
People who have lost someone close to them are often so busy with practical details and arrangements between the death and the funeral that they do not experience the full sense of their loss until later. Grieving is a natural and important part of coming to terms with and healing this loss and it may continue for several months. If the clergy are asked, they will try to help. One often finds it is those who have suffered a close bereavement themselves, clergy or lay people, who can most easily offer comfort and support to those who mourn.

Cruse Bereavement Care
Bereavement UK
Care for the Family
Still Birth & Neonatal Death Charity


Further support
The national Church of England website offers further information and support for anyone involved in a bereavement, from organising a funeral, attending a funeral, arranging for a memorial and many other matters:

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