Mission Weekends

John Sinclair and others from the Evangelism Task Group are ready to come and chat with laity and clergy in your parish about the prospect of planning and running a mission weekend.
Sometimes in the Christian life it is good to have a focused period of mission and outreach.


Planning and running a mission weekend can be a good, non-threatening way of encouraging the church to share the good news of Jesus Christ in your community. Some of the key elements of planning a mission weekends could be...

• Prayer: For insight direction and vision
• Assessing: What God is already doing in your community
• Pondering: On engaging your community with a gospel focus
• Training: Supporting church members in faith sharing and nurture
• Planning: Specific events and programmed activities
• Running: A mission event or events
• Following up: Contacts and interest generated.

The Evangelism Task Group will be happy to journey with you in prayer and planning. We will also act as a practical resource to help run specific events, provide speakers, give advice and follow up.

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