Ordained Local Ministry (OLM)

Ordained ministers, stipendiary, non-stipendiary or local, are ministers of word and sacrament, and all receive the same ordination.

The distinctiveness of OLM is in being called out from the community within which they serve, and their training and licence are based on that assumption.

OLM is, therefore, marked by:

  • Catholic order in the service of the local church and community
  • The collaborative ministry of the local church
  • A commitment to working in teams

Diocesan strategy is committed to collaborative working between lay people and clergy. All OLMs and those who work with them share the tasks of ministry within the Local Ministry Development Teams (LMDTs). The style and shape of an OLM’s ministry will be determined in large part by the nature of the local church’s commitment to collaborative working and to the sharing of responsibilities for its ministries.

The selection process for OLM training involves:

  • local church nomination through the LMDT and PCC
  • diocesan sponsorship through the DDO, interviews with three diocesan selectors and the Bishop
  • a national selection conference.

Candidates should be part of a LMDT, prepared and eager to work together with others, and they should be respected by the wider community.

For further information go to the Lindisfarne RTP website: www.lindisfarnertp.org and contact:

Revd Dr David Bryan
Director of Studies & Tutor for Ordinands, Lindisfarne RTP
e-mail:  davidbryan@lindisfarnertp.org  Direct Line: 0191 270 4150 

Readers in Training are part of the Lindisfarne RTP.  See www.lindisfarnertp.org

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