Papering over the Cracks?This page is the online home of the Poverty Task Group which was formed following an Open Forum meetin of Newcastle Diocesan Synod in September 2013 entitled

or tackling the root causes?

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This open Synod Forum on poverty was held on the 14 September 2013:

  • sharing our experience of poverty in your parish and communities
  • helping identify ways to support each other and develop new ideas for action



Briefing paper for participants

Guardian article on Rural Deprivation, Friday 5th July 2013

Launch of new ResPublica Report. 'Holistic Mission: Social action and the Church of England'

Report of 7 July 2013 General Synod debate on 'Welfare Reform and the Church' (download from page or from here)

Five Church Urban Fund (CUF) papers (PDF):

Facing Up to Poverty
Growing Church through Social Action - qualitative
Growing Church through Social Action - quantitative
Guide to Welfare Reform
Impact of welfare reform

Together Newcastle; joint venture between CUF and Newcastle Diocese

Church Urban Fund (CUF) lookup tool -
enter a postcode to see current poverty and deprivation statistics by Church of England parish

Church Urban Fund downloadable poverty briefings by Church of England Diocese: see all or go straight to Newcastle

Download Church Urban Fund (CUF) report "Poverty in Numbers 2013"


Synod presentations

Malcolm Brown's 'Poverty - What is it?'


News stories

Food poverty: myth or reality for poor families in Newcastle Diocese? 21/8/2014

Shared Interest - Bishop Martin writes 1/5/2014

Service and Dignity - two years of The Bay Foodbank 19/3/2014

Rural Conversation on poverty in Wooler 19/3/2014

Everyone should join a Credit Union - they're not just for poor people 9/12/2013

Austerity - the Church responds 5/6/2013



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