The Green Room

Go to Environment home pageEnvironment column published in the Diocesan Newspaper ‘LINK’ – usually written by John Harrison with occasional other contributors.

The idea of the ‘room’ is to encourage discussion of the various environmental issues facing human society in the 21st Century.

If you feel that you have views you wish to share then do please put pen to paper (max 5-600 words) and send them to John Harrison at

The Green RoomJoin in the conversation.

The current and most recent 'Green Room' articles will be found in the 'News' section.

June 2018: Green Health Awards
May 2018: Mindless violence
April 2018: Loneliness
November 2016: Property and Theft
May 2016: World Environment Day
April 2016: Extinction
March 2016:
Good Stewards of God's Creation
February 2016: Under Siege from Water
November 2015: Reconciling a Wounded Planet
October 2015: All Good Gifts Around Us
September 2015: Care and Cost
August 2015: Why are we waiting?
June 2015: The Trinity and the Diesel Engine
May 2015: 'Hooper's Hedgerow History Hypothesis'
April 2015: Time for a New Yew?
March 2015: A Deadly Serious Problem
February 2015: Being Fully Human (by the Revd Brian Allen)
January 2015: Beyond Repair?


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