Getting Married in Church
A marriage service, wherever it is held, is a public declaration of love and commitment to your partner. If you choose to get married in a Church of England church, there is an added dimension - the assurance that God cares about your relationship and that his resources and strength are available to help you. We hope the various resources here will help you as you explore what the Church has to offer for those wishing to be married.

Having decided you want a church wedding, the first thing to do is to talk to your vicar or parish priest. The vicar or minister of your local church will also be pleased to help you choose the right readings and hymns for your wedding service. But we have included some suggestions here for you to consider. As well as readings from the Bible, she or he may be happy for you to include a suitable non-religious reading.

Details of your local church may be found at Find Your Church or A Church Near You

Marriage Preparation
If you are wanting to prepare yourselves for married life and your church does not offer a course of marriage preparation, why not book a weekend away with Anglican Engaged Encounter.

Engaged Encounter offers a free weekend for the two of you to spend time together, away from the busyness of wedding preparations, to talk about some of the issues that you will be faced with throughout your married life. And the best time to think about them and share how you think they will affect you is before you are married.

To find out more go to the website:

Becky and Ian's story:

Becky thought she might like to be married abroad or in a castle, but Ian (always a traditionalist) wanted to be married in church. They chose St Michael’s at Newburn because Ian’s family had known the vicar, Canon John Sinclair, since he was an apprentice toolmaker for Ian’s Dad. St Michael’s was looking lovely as it had just been refurbished after a dreadful fire in 2006 – so Becky thought it would do as a substitute castle!
Neither Ian nor Becky had an official ‘qualifying connection’ to enable them to be married at St Michael’s. They agreed to attend Sunday worship so that they could become members of the electoral roll, and therefore have their wedding in the church.

So Becky and Ian “donned their Sunday best and dragged themselves to church”. They intended to notch-up their attendance for six weeks in a row to “get it over and done with”. They had expected dreary talks, long prayers and tuneless hymns – but instead they found projected pictures, a keyboard playing funky tunes and a sermon that made them laugh as well as think. After the service the congregation were so welcoming, and very interested in how the wedding plans were going. They seemed, the couple say, "to live out their love of Jesus."

After six weeks Becky and Ian felt they wanted to carry on attending worship. They already felt a sense of belonging to the church. Shortly afterwards they joined in with an Alpha Course and learnt so much about Jesus that they hadn’t considered before. Becky says: “Somehow over the weeks and months, Jesus had slipped in to our lives and began helping us without us even realising.” 
Ian and Becky’s wedding was “the best day of our lives”, and made all the more so because so many people from the congregation of St Michael’s was there to celebrate and pray with them. Their Cub and Scout troop even arrived to form a surprise guard of honour.

Taking a Stand at the UK Wedding Show
You will find our Diocese represented at one of the wedding fairs organised locally by 'The UK Wedding Shows' where Durham & Newcastle share a stand.

Look out for us if you are visiting and we'll be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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