Bishops' Diaries

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This is not a full list of the Bishops' engagements, but includes items that may be of particular interest.


1st         10am  Easter Day Eucharist, Cathedral

7th        11.15am  Installation of High Sheriff of Northumberland, Netherwitton

8th        10am  Chevington, Confirmation

9th – 11th  Bishop’s Staff Residential

12th       12noon   Meeting of Tynemouth Chapter

              7pm      Clergy Supper               

15th       10am     Ford & Etal

16th -18th    Meeting of Diocesan Bishops with Archbishops

19th        8.30am    Bishops & Archdeacons Meeting

               12noon    Meeting with MDR Reviewers

                5pm       St. Thomas The Martyr, Haymarket

23rd         8am        Ecumenical Prayers

                10.30am Sugley Cemetery Consecration

                7pm        Religious Leaders Meeting                      

26th         10.30am Church Commissioners, Board of Governors

                6pm        St. Nicholas Cathedral 

28th        10am       Diocesan Synod

29th        10am       St. Nicholas Cathedral, Confirmation

30th        8pm         St. Andrew’s Womens Fellowship, Corbridge





1st         8am   Holy Communion, St Andrew Corbridge

              9.30am Family Communion, St Andrew Corbridge

9th         8.30am Deanery Prayers, St Andrew Corbridge

              10.30am Bishops & Archdeacons meeting

9th – 11th Bishop's Staff Residential

12th       10.30am Shortlisting meeting

17th       12noon City Centre Ministers Group

18th       8am       Cathedral

              11am     Youth Team

              1pm       SDF Planning Group

19th       8.15am   Bishops & Archdeacons meeting

                2pm      Bishops in Mission meeting

                6pm      Ministry Council meeting

20th – 22nd Mission Weekend, St Ann Newcastle

23rd         8.30am Deanery Prayers, Holy Saviour Tynemouth

24th        12noon NE Youth for Christ, Council of Reference

                2pm       SDF Planning Group

                7.15pm Reader Exec meeting

25th         7pm       Clergy Dinner

28th         10am     Diocesan Synod

29th         11am     Confirmation, St Aidan Bamburgh

                4pm       Reader Licensing, St Mary Monkseaton

30th         8.30am Deanery Prayers, St Nicholas Cramlington

                10am     Appointment Interviews for St Andrew Corbridge