Bishops' Diaries

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This is not a full list of the Bishops' engagements, but includes items that may be of particular interest.


1st 8.30am, Bishop’s Staff Meeting

4th 12.00pm, 50th Anniversary, St Mark’s Shiremoor

5th 10.00am, Launch of new ministries in Whalton

8th 6.00pm, Annual Prizegiving, Northumberland Church of England Academy

9th 10.00am, St Hild & St Bede, Durham

10th & 11th Bishop’s Council Residential, Shepherds Dene

13th 1.30pm, Newcastle CVS AGM, Gateshead

15th 10.00am, Whitfield Primary School

16th 1.00pm, Cathedral Council, Cathedral

19th 11.00am, Confirmation, Bolam

6.00pm, Confirmation, Battle Hill

21st 9.00am, Young Leaders Awards, Lumley Castle

22nd – 23rd London

25th 10.00am, Diocesan Synod

28th & 29th Ampleforth

30th 7.30pm, Licensing at Prudhoe St Mary





1st 8.30am, Bishop’s Staff Meeting

2nd 10.10am, St Bartholomew’s School, Longbenton

12.00pm, Tyneside Leaders Forum, The Mansion House, Jesmond

7.00pm, Bishops in Mission event - Pathways, Corbridge

3rd 11.00am, Bishops in Mission Meeting – Moving Mountains, Kendal, Cumbria

7.00pm, ‘The Shack’, Widdrington Station

4th 10.00am, Mission Weekend – Morpeth

2.00pm, Heavenly Bake-Off, St Margaret’s Chapel, Pegswood

5th Mission Weekend morning service

2.00pm, Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Newbiggin by the Sea

4.00pm, Celebration of the Mission Weekend, Church of England Academy

8th 10.30am, Ministry Council, Church House, Westminster

9th 10.00am, Together Newcastle, Shepherds Dene

7.00pm, Licensing Service, Bridlington

10th 9.00am, Bishops in Mission Steering Group

10th – 11th Bishop’s Council Residential, Shepherds Dene

12th 9.00am, Morning Services, Thockrington & Chollerton

6.00pm, St George’s

13th 10.30am, Frontier Youth Trust

3.30pm, ReSource Meeting

7.00pm, Mothers’ Union, Newbiggin by the Sea

14th 10.00am, Bishops meeting

2.00pm, Police Chaplain

7.15pm, Readers Executive

15th 12.00pm, CPAS Council of Reference

16th 8.00am, Bishops & Archdeacons meeting

9.30am, Evangelism Task Group

17th – 23rd Clergy Marriage Retreat

25th 10.00am, Diocesan Synod Forum, Ashington Academy

26th 10.00am, Air Training Squadron, St Columbus

6.00pm, Confirmation, Glendale Parishes

27th 7.30pm, Licensing, North Shields

28th & 29th, Ampleforth Church Leaders, Ampleforth

30th 2.00pm, NECAT AGM, St John’s Kingston Park




3rd/4th Leadership Development Programme           

5th 8.30 am, Bishop’s Staff Meeting

5.30 pm Evensong, St. Nicholas Cathedral to mark the new Legal Year

7th 2.00 pm, Readers Licensing Service, Hexham Abbey

8th 10.00 am, Hebron Harvest Festival

4.00 pm Seghill, with Seaton Delaval & Holywell, Confirmation

10th 10.30 am, Newcastle University Court

11th Bishop’s Staff Strategy Meeting Follow up Day

12th 8.00 am, Ecumenical Prayers

3.00 pm Sons of the Clergy AGM

16th – 18th London

19th 11.00 am, St. Hilda’s Trust

26th am, Embleton Interviews

6.00 pm, Newcastle Council of Faiths

29th St. Michael’s New Hartley – Delaval Parish Confirmation

31st 9.00 am,Sherburn House, Durham

1.30 pm, Church House – New Clergy Day

7.30 pm, Licensing St. Silas, Byker


2nd 10.00am, Fresh Expressions Bishop’s Hub, Manchester

3rd 10.00am, Nunnykirk Centre for Dyslexia, Netherwitton

4.00pm, Bishops in Mission meeting, Pegswood

6.30pm, Reader Quiet Evening, Hexham Abbey

5th 8.30am, Senior Staff Meeting, Bishop’s House

6th 10.00am, Diocesan Property Manager, Pegswood

6.30pm, Harvest Festival & Supper, Bolton Chapel

7th 10.30am, Third Order Society of St Francis, Church of St Francis, Heaton

2.00pm, Reader Licensing, Hexham Abbey

8th 9.30am, Confirmation, St John Wallsend

10th 8.00am, Ecumenical Breakfast

10.00am, Growing Church Bringing Hope City Centre Steering Group, Cathedral

7.30pm, Morpeth’s Boy Bridgade, Morpeth

11th 8.00am, Meeting with Georgina Noakes, Bishop’s House

7.00pm, Licensing of Tony Tooby, St Cuthbert Blyth

12th 9.00am Retiring Clergy, Shepherds Dene

13th 10.00am, Mentoring Group, Pegswood

7.00pm, Middlemiss Dinner, Cathedral

15th 9.00am, Preaching Alnwick Baptist Church

6.00pm, Confirmation, Norham Deanery

17th 9.00am, Diocesan Youth Team, Pegswood

2.00pm, Action Foundation, Pegswood

7.00pm, Bishops in Mission meeting, Alnwick

18th 10.00am, Chaplain & Interfaith Adviser, Northumbria University

6.30pm, Open Consultation on Resource Church, Cathedral

19th 8.00am, Bishops & Archdeacons meeting, Bishop’s House

11.30am, Emmanuel College, Gateshead

6.00pm, Tynemouth Dinner Club, Tynemouth Golf Club

25th 10.00am, Reader Secretary, Pegswood

29th am, Confirmation, Byker, MINE churches

7.00pm, Evensong/Songs of Praise, Knaresdale Church