Your views please: the English Churches and Cathedrals Sustainability Review


Newcastle CathedralA message from the Rt Revd Dr John Inge, Bishop of Worcester and the Church of England's Lead Bishop on Cathedrals and Church Buildings:

A very happy New Year to you. I apologise for troubling you with ‘buildings matters’ so early in it but the above Review could make a real difference to our churches and I should be immensely grateful if you would give it your attention.

As part of the Review, which was set up by the Government in March of last year, DCMS is presently calling for evidence using an online survey. The consultation and terms of reference of the Review (which follows on well from the one I chaired), can be found online here:

This is a rare opportunity for all to make their views known, whether as members of the public, worshippers or a ‘professionals’. It would be very good if there were to be a large number of responses from members of the Church. I should be very grateful if you would respond, and encourage others to do so too: I know of one Diocese which is asking one churchwarden from each church to complete the survey, which is excellent.

It is crucial that respondents should say what they think would really help our churches, even when the text of the consultation is encouraging attention to particular matters, possibly at the exclusion of others. There are text fields in which responses can be written freely. The crucial question it seems to me, is what is the greatest need – access to good advice, knowledgeable people to work with or cash for to keep the building in good order and for development?

I should add that the role of churches as part of the community is a leading theme in the consultation so both non-worship and worship activity should be included as appropriate.

Time is tight: the closing date for responses is the end of this month.

With my very good wishes,


Dr John Inge







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