Bishop’s Stewardship Study Day


A dance class at the Great Hall shows off its Neo-Classical beauty.

By Rachel Jobes

The Great Hall at the beautiful Hexham Abbey set the scene for a gathering of nearly 100 clergy on Wednesday, 15 March. The reason for this gathering? A day of study on the highly topical theme of Stewardship.

Bishop Christine and John Preston from the Church of England’s National Resources team hosted the day, guiding the delegates through the presentations and workshops about God, money and giving. There was an atmosphere of warmth and engagement throughout the day as people discussed their relationship with money in the context of their faith. There was an emphasis on the many ways in which God is generous, with a practical session which examined the biblical passages that talk about generosity.

Particular thanks go do all those who helped make the day a success, especially Bishop Christine and John Preston, but also to Hexham Abbey for the hospitality and impressive catering, and to all who attended.

The study day allowed us in the Stewardship team to connect with many of the clergy to discuss topics ranging from the Parish Giving Scheme to Giving For Life, and even contactless payments.  As a Diocese, we are keen to provide our clergy and churches with as much support and resource as possible with regard to stewardship. In my role as Project Manager for Developing Stewardship, I would love to explore ways in which the work of our Developing Stewardship Group can best support you with your needs.

The resources used on the day, including video presentations, are available from Alternatively, if you have any questions arising from the study day, or suggestions as to how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

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