growing church bringing hope - the 5 strands


The Revd Rachel Wood writes:

At the launch of our new Diocesan Vision ‘Growing Church Bringing Hope’ at Rothbury in March, we were introduced to five strands of work emerging from the vision. These are:

  1. Prayer
  2. Growth
  3. Impact
  4. City Centre
  5. Rural

Each of these strands has a specific strategic aim, and a named leader on the Bishop’s Staff Team who will oversee the strand. They will work to gather a group for their particular strand that will focus on delivering the goals and actions that emerge from the strand.

The named leaders are:

  • Ian Flintoft for 1. Prayer
  • Ian Fintoft for 2. Growth
  • Bishop Mark, with the Archdeacons Geoff Miller and Peter Robinson for 3. Impact
  • Bishop Mark and Chris Dalliston for 4. City Centre
  • Peter Robinson for 5. Rural

Additional support is being given by Lesley Chapman for Prayer, John Sinclair, Catherine Pickford and Carol Wolstenholme for Growth, and Jonathan Mason for Rural. More details are available on the website at

 ‘Growing Church Bringing Hope’ is a vision which every parish is invited to share in. Each parish is encouraged to reflect on what they are already doing to ‘Grow Church Bring Hope’, and what they might choose to do next to follow the aims and goals of the Vision. As indicated in her letter earlier in this paper, the Bishop would love to hear stories from parishes about how they are Growing Church Bringing Hope. Please send any stories as well as any questions about the vision and / or strategic aims to

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