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"Anyone any ideas for the church's stall at the County Show this year?" – Yes, let's not have one, let's be 'Gamemakers' instead!

From left: Phoebe Green, Carole Green, Val Bathgate, Frances Dower
From left: Phoebe Green, Carole Green,      
Val Bathgate, Frances Dower


Shaun the Sheep meets Alan the Shearer. Ahem.

And so it happened, that at this year's County Show, volunteers from local churches across the denominations signed up generously to staff the three information booths at the Show.
While the Bank Holiday on 26th May was a sunny day, the torrential rain up to the night before presented a challenge to vehicles on the fields first thing, leading to hold-ups. The first task for the early shifts was to reassure and calm delayed judges and visitors. The lovely new showground, now in its second year at Bywell, is vast, and directions and maps were most welcome to many of the well over 20,000 visitors. Identity tags for children were also very popular.

As the Show Report said, the most commonly seen outfit was wellies, high-viz vest top and sunglasses – the classic look for an English summer outdoor event! It was a great day with so much to see, from livestock to Cumberland Wrestling, from crafts to food producers, from show jumping to agricultural machinery and sheep shearing, etc etc etc.

The church volunteers were enthusiastic to help out again next year and with the help of their feedback we hope to improve our offer as well as their experience.

Thanks are due to all of them for their service, and thanks also to Dorothy Dryden, mart chaplain, and to Linda Hunter who organised and coordinated the volunteer rota.

 The Revd Canon Dr Dagmar Winter is the Bishop of Newcastle's Adviser in Rural Affairs.



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