Parish Giving Scheme ~ June Update


Dear all,

The first six months of our Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) have seen encouraging developments. As of June, we recorded the following statistics:

  • 12 active parishes (Active means donors are registered and giving through the scheme)
  • 7 parishes registered but not yet active
  • 13 parishes that have shown interest in launching the scheme
  • 57 donors
  • 98% of donors choosing the gift aid option
  • 74% of donors choosing the inflation-proof option

Several of our churches are launching with a small set of people first e.g. a PCC or Finance group. This ensures that people are using the scheme and understand before a full launch takes place. This is one of the options recognised by PGS as good practice, so if you do only have a small number of people interested but are keen to see what it’s all about, don’t let that put you off: give me a call and we can discuss an approach.

As part of our digital strategy we are also developing greater online capacity. This will offer donors the facility to set up a regular gift to their church online, and to amend their details. We will need to redevelop the PGS website to create the functionality that will allow us to automate and import data across to our core system. This is a very exciting project; we anticipate the overall benefit delivered by January 2018 to be significant.

Around the UK, there are now 16 dioceses fully live, as Newcastle, Salisbury and Ely have recently launched PGS. Bristol and Derby are planning to launch in the autumn. St Edmundsbury & Ipswich, Hereford and Lincoln have confirmed their launches for 2018, and conversations are ongoing with Durham, Sheffield, Leeds, Oxford and Worcester.

Finally, a small reminder that if you are in a PGS parish and have a gift form it does need to go direct to the PGS address (Gloucester) on the form and not your church or the Diocese!

Thanks for reading and remember our PGS section on the website: If you feel a visit to your PCC or finance group would help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Rachel Jobes

Project Manager for Developing Stewardship.

Tel.: 01912704128, Email:

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