A truly inspirational visit to Africa


Less than one week after successfully completing the Great North Run with Bishop Christine, Bishop Mark was in Africa!

He was making his first visit to the Diocese of Botswana – one of three Anglican communities linked with Newcastle, the others being Møre in Norway and Winchester here in the UK. These companionship links are expressed through regular communication including exchange visits, school and parish links, and funding for specific projects.

“I love being in Africa – faith is central to their lives; folk are so joyful in the way they live through worship,” said Bishop Mark.

“Newcastle has had a link with Botswana for a good number of years now and each year some of us travel out there, or they come to us. Our Diocese is linked to three Anglican Diocese and they are all very different places as you can appreciate. It enriches us greatly to know people from countries as different as Botswana and Norway.”

Bishop Mark was in Botswana for only five days, but packed a lot into his time there.

“My visit had two purposes. The immediate purpose was that the Diocese in Botswana was staging a two-week evangelisation campaign, sharing the good news of Jesus around the Diocese, so I was able to help support that. I was there with Canons Ian Knox and John Sinclair who were able to stay for the whole fortnight.

“The bigger purpose was to meet Bishop Methla, preach at the Cathedral and meet young people from across the Diocese. Their joy, their hope is wonderful really, and to be able to share the faith that we share in God’s love has been superb.”

Bishop Mark was clearly inspired by the importance Botswanans place in their faith.

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