New Year Resolutions


With Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser Ruth Rogan

Safeguarding resolutions - it’s the time of year people resolve to make changes in their lives in order to be healthier and maybe happier.

Might I suggest we make resolutions that contribute to making our church’s safe spaces for everyone? This could include ensuring your safeguarding policy is up to date and visible, making sure your safeguarding notices are up to date with correct contact details on, that the safeguarding action plan isn’t gathering dust but is a meaningful document helping your church improve its practice.

Or you might want to refresh the risk assessments you have in place for the various activities undertaken within the church or put some in place if you don’t have any.

You should have now seen a copy of the 2018 training programme- have you completed the training that is expected given your role in the church? If you completed training back in 2015 then 2018 is the year you need to refresh and update your training by attending a refresher module.

Maybe you want to initiate a conversation within your church about the theology that underpins safeguarding or discuss the culture within your church and whether it is conducive to enabling people to share any concerns they might have.

We need to do more to raise awareness about domestic abuse and child exploitation and maybe you could commit to attend training and learning more about these areas. If you have any responsibility for recruiting volunteers or paid staff are you confident that the church is following safer recruitment processes- if not would attending the training we offer help?

I shall be resolving to improve our website so that it is more user friendly particularly for those who wish to disclose safeguarding information or share concerns.

I shall be continuing my own learning by attending training in relation to domestic abuse, risk assessment and safeguarding adults.

Whatever contribution you make in relation to keeping yourself and others safe- thank you and every good wish for 2018.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of safeguarding with me I can be contacted on 07825 167016 or

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