Meet The Safeguarding Team


We hope this helps in understanding what we do and how to contact us.

We know it’s confusing to have three Ruths in one team and we are happy to pass enquiries onto the right Ruth if needs be!

We’re here to help the Diocese promote a safeguarding culture, to support you in preventing abuse happening and keeping everyone safe, to work with you to protect those who might be at risk and to respond well to anyone who is experiencing abuse or has done so in the past, all in line with national policies, practice guidance and current legislation.

Ruth Rogan
Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. Has overall responsibility for the strategic and operational activities of the team and is accountable to Bishop Christine and reports twice a year to the independently chaired Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Group. She has a social work background and can be contacted about any safeguarding concern anyone might have either within or outside the church community.

She networks with statutory and voluntary partners as well as other dioceses, denominations and the National Safeguarding Team.

Her working days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday although is available by phone and will respond to emails outside of these days.

Tel: 07825 167016 or 0191 2704147 Email:

Andrew Grant
Assistant Safeguarding Adviser. Takes lead responsibility for assessing and managing situations involving anyone who might pose a risk to children and/or vulnerable adults.

He has a police background and can be contacted about any safeguarding concern anyone might have either within or outside the church community. He will deputise for Ruth Rogan on occasions and will be developing a stronger relationship between the Diocese and Northumbria Police and the Probation Service.

His working days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tel: 07741 633670 or 0191 2704126 Email:

Linda Hunter
Training and Policy Adviser. Takes the lead in organising and delivering our Diocesan training programme and can be contacted about this as well as any questions/ queries parishes might have about their parish policies and procedures. She also takes the lead on ensuring our Safeguarding Handbook ‘Towards a Safer Church’ is up to date on the website.

She has a background in Education, is a Brownie Leader as well as being a Reader and is the Parish Safeguarding Officer so she has a good understanding of what parishes need to have in place.

Linda is self-employed and independent.

Tel: 01434 633742 Email:

Ruth O’Hagan
Administrative Support Officer. Takes the lead in all matters related to DBS questions, queries, processes apart from dealing with blemishes which Ruth Rogan does. She works closely with APCS (Access Personal Checking Services) and can advise about who needs a DBS check and who doesn’t.

She has a background in theatre stage management and provides admin support for the training programme so can be contacted about training, tell you what you have already done, need to do and ensure you have the information you need prior to attending training.

Ruth works 1pm-6pm each week day and also covers reception at Church House.

Tel: 0191 2704115 Email: for booking on training sessions

Ruth Stradling
Safeguarding Administrator. Provides general administrative support to Ruth Rogan and Andrew Grant, keeps records of parish policies and action plans, and leads on preparing statistical information and reports for Bishop’s Staff and the National Safeguarding Team. She had a pivotal role in preparing the Diocese for the SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) Audit and will do the same again when our Progress Review is due in 2019.

She has a background as a Civil Servant and is training to be a Reader. She also works part time at Bishop’s House where she undertakes the DBS Administrator role for those who hold the Bishop’s Licence or PTO.

Ruth works Tuesday and Wednesday 12.30-4.30 at Church House.

Tel: 0191 2704147 Email:

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