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On Monday 10 September, Fr Andrew Birks (from Parish of Portslade & Mile Oak, near Brighton) will be starting a 100km walk from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to Holy Island. This walk is known as the St Cuthbert Walk. Fr Andrew will be completing the 100km walk for the Sussex based Family Support Work Charity.

Fr Andrew was born and raised in Northumberland and has always wanted to do the walk since it was formed as an ‘official’ walk in 1996. The route is a popular route as it is a Pilgrim route which links two of the most important sites in the life of St Cuthbert. 

Cuthbert started his ministry at Old Melrose in about 650AD. Whilst little is known of his early life it is suggested that, like Fr Andrew Cuthbert was born and raised in Northumberland (others say Lauderdale which is on the Scottish side of the border!!)  Fr Andrew will travel to Melrose - like Cuthbert did where he was admitted to the way of the life of the Monastery at Melrose. Cuthbert began to be recognised for his saintliness more and more. After a spell at Ripon, Cuthbert returned to Melrose and was found to have yellow plague, which he recovered from, (his recovery attributed to the power of prayer). The Prior of Melrose, Boisil, died of the same plague and Cuthbert became prior at Melrose.

Throughout his ministry, Cuthbert followed in the steps of St Aidan and walked the paths that so many in later years would follow too, which lead to Lindisfarne or Holy Island.

Fr Andrew will himself be following in the footsteps of this great Northern Saint as he walks, over five days the journey between Melrose and Holy Island in aid of the charity. Fr Andrew would be glad to have anyone accompany him on his walk between the various stages, but also very interested to hear of how St Cuthbert may have influenced your life in any way.  You can get in touch with Fr Andrew via email at or 01273 418090.

Day 1           10th September       Melrose to Harestanes (24km)

Day 2           11th September       Harestanes to Kirk Yetholm  (27km)

Day 3           12th September       Kirk Yetholm to Wooler  (21km)

Day 4           13th September       Wooler to Fenwick (19km)

Day 5           14th September       Fenwick to Holy Island  (9km)

If you wish to sponsor Fr Andrew, click here for his JustGiving page.

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