Solidarity with those infected and affected by HIV/Aids - across three continents


With Bishop Martin before leaving Byker GardenOn Saturday 30th March nearly 200 young people, across three continents and dioceses walked for 5km in solidarity with those infected and affected by HIV/Aids.

Twenty-five walked from Byker Garden to Newcastle Cathedral at the same time as groups in Botswana and North Carolina did the same. The walk grew out of the joint trip by young people from the Diocese of Newcastle and the Diocese of North Carolina last July.

On the Tyne PathDuring the Botswana trip the young people saw first-hand the deep effect that HIV/Aids has had on Botswana, and continues to have in the United Kingdom and North America. The walk, organised by youth from all three dioceses, was the next step in a deepening relationship between young Anglicans from all three dioceses united in their aim to help eradicate HIV/Aids throughout the world.

The group from Newcastle were sent on their way from Byker Garden by Bishop Martin as they walked the 5km from Byker to the Cathedral. At the Cathedral they linked up via Skype and Facebook with the groups in Botswana and North Carolina where walks had taken place at the same time.

North Carolina flashmob (top) and Botswana youth (below)In North Carolina the group (upper picture, right), accompanied by Michael Curry, Bishop of North Carolina, took part in a 'Flash Mob'. In Botswana (lower picture, right) over a hundred young people were joined by Bishop Trevor Mwamba, the US Ambassador to Botswana and Jennifer Anderson, the British High Commissioner to Botswana.

At a time when there is much debate over the form in which the Worldwide Anglican Communion will continue, this event shows the deep bonds of affection and solidarity between young Anglicans throughout the world.

Following the success of this event a similar three-way event is being planned for World Aids Day on Saturday 1st December 2012.






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