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  • The chaplains at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities are very happy to discuss with prospective students about connecting with local churches, and indeed any chaplaincy and university activities and opportunities.
  • Please contact Andii Bowsher at Northumbria (andii.bowsher@northumbria.ac.uk)
    or Catherine Lack at Newcastle (


There are so many things on offer to new students from churches and Christian networks. In Newcastle there are lots of churches, societies, events – something for everybody!

The most conspicuous group on campus is the Christian Union (CU) – lots of information about the Newcastle University Christian Union can be found at www.newcastle-cu.com, and Northumbria University Christian Union at www.mynsu.co.uk/getinvolved/society/christianunion.

Another conspicuous and active group is CathSoc. CathSoc is not just for Catholics! To find out more visit CathSoc at www.catholicchaplaincy.org.

If neither of these appeal, it might help to know that there are plenty of other Christian organisations and networks, including:

  • Agape International – which runs a group, open to all, known as ‘Student Life’ – meets on Thursdays at 6pm at the Escape venue in the University of Northumbria Student Union. For more details visit the website at:
This list is by no means exhaustive! Please do not hesitate to contact the university chaplains (contact details above) to discover more about the many and varied possibilities for networking with other Christians of all traditions.



An introduction to two online organisations that offer ways in which churches can make links and offer a warm welcome to new students as they settle into university life:


SCM Connect

Join SCM Connect to link up with vibrant and inclusive Christian communities in your university area.

The Student Christian Movement is excited to announce the launch of SCM Connect – a new online directory where students going to university can search for, and connect to, churches and student groups in their university city or town.

Churches can sign up to become ‘link churches’, which will automatically list their contact details in the directory. Visit www.movement.org.uk/scmconnect to access the platform.

SCM Connect business cards are available to distribute to young people, with a scannable QR code that will direct people to the platform via mobile devices such as phones or tablets. You can order these by contacting the office via email.


Fusion helps students to find a local church to call home and church leaders to stay connected to an ever-changing student culture.

We believe that working with students is a great way to bring life to your church and build the Kingdom of God. Some students will stay in your church after graduating, investing with you long term.

Others will travel the world and take the values you planted in them as they go.

Either way, working with students is a great investment for the future.

But it’s also fantastic today.

Students have ideas, energy, experience and flexibility.

They are also a lot of fun!

To find out more, please visit www.fusion.uk.com.



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