Diocese of Newcastle

Bishops' Diaries

This is not a full list of the Bishops' engagements, but includes items that may be of particular interest.

Bishop of Newcastle

August - September


6th8.00Ecumenical Prayers
6th10.30Vacancy shortlisting meeting
6th14.00Interviews - Horton and Newsham
11th11.15Holy Saviour, Milbourne
14th9.00Meeting with CNC Chair
29th19.00Church Leaders' Meal


1st17.00Confirmation, Benwell
2nd8.30Meeting of Bishops and Archdeacons
3rdInterviews - Gosforth St Nicholas
4thChurch Commissioners Mission and Pastoral Committee
9th12.30Visit to RVI/Freeman Hospital Chaplaincy
9th19.30Clergy Supper
10th9.00Bedlington Deanery Walk
10th18.00Bishop's Council
11th9.30Bishop's Staff Meeting
12thSCP 25th Anniversary Service, Southwark Cathedral
16-19thCollege of Bishops
22nd9.30amConfirmation, St Bartholomew's Newbiggin
30th19.30Licensing, Warkworth

Bishop of Berwick

Bishop of Berwick

August - September


29thEveningWelcoming Bishops Robert and Sarah


1stamMorning Worship, Hexham Abbey
1stEveningConfirmation, Bellingham Deanery
2nd8.30Meeting of Bishops and Archdeacons
2ndEveningReaders' Executive Committee 
3rdpmTrustees' Meeting,Fellowship of the Maple Leaf
5thMinistry Council, London
7thamSelf-supporting Ministers' Gathering, Morpeth
8thamParish Eucharist, Ponteland
8thEveningCommissioning Team, Resource Church
10th18.00Bishop's Council, Church House
11th9.30Bishop's Staff Meeting
11thEveningLicensing of the Revd Rom MacPherson, North Sunderland and Beadnell
12-15thBishops' Mission, Southwell and Nottingham
16-19thCollege of Bishops
24thInterviews for Tweedmouth, Spittal and Scremerston
24thEveningNew Readers' Quiet Evening
25thCPAS Trustees
26thamPraying around the Deaneries, Ingram
26thamNECAT Trustees
26thEveningOpening of the Learning Resource Centre, St John's College, Durham
28thamDiocesan Synod, Church House
28thpmBeer Festival, St Nicholas' Gosforth
29thamSongs of Praise, Slaley
30thEveningClergy Supper, Pegswood