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Developing Stewardship Group

When the barons ruled Northumberland from their castle strongholds, the Steward was one of the most influential and important people on the staff. The Steward was charged with managing all aspects of the estate, the land and property, ensuring everything was properly maintained, growing in value and status and that wise investment left the estate a stronger inheritance for the future. And when his lordship went off to war, it was the Steward who stayed behind to run the show. The standing of the Steward can still be seen in Stewards’ houses throughout the county, even where the castles have long fallen into ruin.

Fast forward 500 years..... think steward of the golf club, on a train, aeroplane, boat..... Then think ’church’ and our role as stewards of our inheritance. What does stewardship mean to us? Do we see it as a quick fix when our finances or buildings are in a poor state, or we’re having problems paying our parish share? Or is it about providing strong foundations for everything we do, part of our role as disciples? And do we allow ourselves time and space to explore what this really means and how we can do it better?

Join us on a journey to strengthen our understanding of the theology underpinning stewardship and the connections with mission and ministry; join us in developing our capacity as stewards through discussion and sharing ideas, training and materials .

Over the next few months you’ll start to hear more about this as the new diocesan group on Developing Stewardship gets underway. We look forward to working with you.

Action Plans

April 2017 - Revised Stewardship Action Plan

April 2016 - Original Stewardship Action Plan

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Accountable to the Bishop's Council through the Diocesan Finance Group


To build the capacity of the local church in deaneries, benefices and parishes to engage with stewardship as part of the ongoing discipleship agenda

Review period



3 years (commenced July 2015 and ends July 2018)

Terms of Reference

1. To clarify the diocese’s understanding of the theology and ecclesiology of stewardship and the connections between stewardship, mission, ministry and discipleship

2. To resource clergy to lead on stewardship in parishes, benefices and deaneries

3. To develop a common understanding and language of stewardship at all levels in the diocese making links with the key language of mission and ministry

4. To offer centre-based training on stewardship, theology, theory and practice to clergy, lay ministers, churchwardens and PCC/DCC members

5. To be a creative forum for discerning stewardship needs, goals and aspirations, and aligning existing and new materials to diocesan vision and policy

6. To think imaginatively about new ways of introducing stewardship into the life of the local church

7. To review and thereby contribute to the improvement of stewardship campaigns

8. To develop ways of strengthening and supporting stewardship through sharing information, experience and ideas and encouraging discussion between parishes.


Liz Kerry (Chair)
The Ven Peter Robinson
The Ven Geoff Miller
The Revd Jacqueline Stober
The Revd Simon White
Carol Barclay
Ian Hankinson
Shane Waddle (Diocesan Secretary)

Secretary to the Group: Ms Carol Hepple
E-mail: c.hepple@newcastle.anglican.org