A Compelling Vision for Discipleship in Daily Life

A compelling vision for discipleship in daily life

God is a missionary God who is actively transforming the world, and all creation, so that it increasingly resembles His ultimate vision of a kingdom overflowing with His costly and unconditional love in which all life flourishes.

God is to be encountered in the very ordinary fabric of the world and its diverse cultures. God is to be encountered in the interactions and relationships that make up the flow of life and in the issues that are thrown up by life. God is to be encountered amongst those who feel oppressed and bowed down by life. God is relational and is seeking us. As we grasp the implications for our own lives so we allow our hearts and minds to be fully open to the invitation to participate as partners in His transforming work.

Those who respond to this invitation become disciples, or followers of the way of Jesus Christ, who is God with us, and so they open up a way of living with infinite possibilities for fulfilment and joy. In seeking to discern Gods purposes and respond to His call, disciples discover shape and meaning to their lives. Baptism, as we become part of the body of Christ, is the defining first step on this adventure in life.

Disciples are inspired by their faith in God to engage with life in open and generous ways that become the basis for all their actions and relationships. They seek to relate to the world so that others come to recognise God afresh and become reconnected to the very source of meaningful life and love. As a consequence, they bring about changes of all shapes and sizes that make a difference to others and the communities in which they live and work.

Christian discipleship is a journey throughout life in which all are encouraged to learn and grow in the struggles and joys of faith that bring us closer to God and to each other.

There are important values and practices that can guide our growth as disciples as we come to know, trust and love more fully the Christ who we follow. You are invited to explore these.

Resources to help you to explore your discipleship with others.

An introductory session: The Christ We Follow

This is a helpful place to start to reflect and share together our sense of what we mean by discipleship and what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

This introductory session(s) explores the following topics:

  • What is discipleship?
  • How do we relate in different ways to the person of Jesus Christ?
  • What is the significance of our baptism?
  • What are we being set free from and what are being set free for?
  • How are we currently making a difference as disciples in all the areas of our lives?
  • Is God calling us to give our attention to other issues and people?

  • For further information about the materials available contact discipleship@newcastle.anglican.org
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