Generosity Week 22 Resource Hub

1. Daily Generosity Theme

This year for Generosity Week we're bringing you eight different themes of generosity, each designed to help us focus on all the different ways we can live and give more generously in our daily lives;

  • Generous care
  • Generous hospitality
  • Generous welcome
  • Generosity with possessions
  • Generous judgements
  • Generosity with talents
  • Generosity of time
  • Generosity of wealth

At the beginning of each day we will release a short inspirational "story of generosity" film from somewhere within our diocese. Accompanying the film will be a bitesize reflection and a choice of daily generosity challenges, for everyone to try! To receive the short film clip, reflection and challenges directly to your inbox each day, please register by clicking on the button below;

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2. Activities for Children and Young People

New for 2022, is a resource for Children, Young People and Family workers, Sunday School leaders and any other volunteers operating in a relevant context. The resource can be used as a framework for Generosity Week and is based on Proverbs 3: 1-10 and the concept that when we know God’s Peace and Love, we can Trust in him, be Kind and Give what we can to others in need.There are many ways to break this passage down into different activities and the ideas suggested in the pack are suitable for a range of ages. 

In addition, the Children and Youth Team at the Diocese of Leeds have created material to help children and young people begin to explore the topic of stewardship.


               Download Proverbs 3 Resource                 Download Stewardship Resource                               


3. Exploring Generosity in the Wider Community

Generosity Week is a celebration of God’s generosity that is lived out in our churches and parishes. In this guide you can find ideas to help you to engage with and support the wider community as we celebrate the generosity found within in.

Download Community Resource


4. Worship Material

Worship material covers two Sundays (the first to celebrate generosity and the second to celebrate gratitude) as well as morning prayer services for each of the 8 days. You can choose to download traditional eucharist material, traditional service of the word material and service content packs.

There will also be a National Generosity Week service online, led by Revd Trevor Marshall from St Andrew's church, Tangmere.

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5. Encouraging Financial Generosity

Please visit our Reviewing Giving web page or contact a member of the Generous Giving Team for more comprehensive support and detailed data analysis for your parish.

You can also download our Parish Share Booklet which explains the concept and importance of this system of mutual support in our Diocese.

Download Parish Share Booklet

6. Marketing Resources

Download and print our customised logo and email signature image to help signpost people to the online resources. Remember to add the URL behind the image when you update your signature. 

During Generosity Week itself, we will be posting daily on the Diocesan website and all of our social media channels. Get involved by sharing our posts along with your own using the hashtag #NDGW22. We hope to see social media across the Dioese, awash with stories of generous activity! 

You can also access additional marketing resources on the Church of England website including suggested social media copy and a customisable video using the video generator on A Church Near You.

7. Podcast Series (2021)

A podcast series created for National Generosity Week last year by the National Giving Team, is also available again. The series features a different person sharing a short passage of scripture and a key verse from the Old and New Testament. They reflect on what it means in their Christian life and encourage the listener to do the same. The 8 day podcasts are available on all major platforms;

                                             Google           Spotify             Apple


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