Resources for a Generous Christmas 2021



'At the heart of Christmas' is the Church of England’s theme for Advent and Christmas 2021. Alongside the range of digital and print content available on the National Church website and A Church Near You, here are some additional resources to help encourage giving in our churches as we experience Advent and Christmas this year.

Posters and pew cards

Over the last 10 years the use of cash has slowly diminished and fewer people are carrying cash. As we welcome people into our churches this Christmas, it is important we make giving accessible to those who want to give. QR codes offer a contactless and quick way for people with smartphones to give to your church. For Christmas 2021, the Church Print Hub has created posters and pew cards using the 'At The Heart of Christmas' theme, which can be customised with the QR code for your online giving page. 

If you don’t yet have a QR code for online giving, please visit our Getting started with GiveALittle web page.

Click here to access posters and pew cards



Create a GiveALittle Christmas Campaign

If your church is using a device for contactless giving using the GiveALittle app, you can now create a campaign which uses the 'At The Heart of Christmas' theme. Click on the short film below for a walkthrough of how to do this.

Click to download "Heart main" image

Click to download "Heart Thank You" Image

Share Our Generous Christmas Advent Calendar

Spread some festive cheer by sharing our interactive advent calendar with daily reflections and prayers on themes of generosity and gratitude. The calendar will be live from 1st December!

Customise a Christmas giving animation

Using the video generator on A Church Near You (ACNY) Resource Hub, you can customise an animated video that encourages people to give to your church this Christmas. You can also share this video on your social media channels and during services to help promote online giving to your parish. If you live-stream your services through ACNY, you can ask people to give using the Give Now button on ACNY.

A Generous Advent with PGS

In a new podcast series, PGS is offering readings and reflections that will help us to experience moments of peace and wonder as we journey through Advent 2021. Every day from 28 November until Christmas, CEO, Grant Forrest, will be sharing a few minutes with us where we can pause and reflect on our personal generosity, and the generosity of God, in the joy of Jesus’s birth. You can find these bite-sized podcast editions on all the major podcast directories.

Click here to download our festive checklist for more ideas and inspiration for a Generous Christmas 


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