Diocese of Newcastle

News Stories

  • When does your year begin?

    Perhaps its is the liturgical year and Advent marks the start. Perhaps it is the traditional January 1st turnover point, or perhaps, like many, the grip of the academic model means that September kicks off the sense of newness. Read more

  • Human beings are designed for companionship

    Human beings are designed for companionship. It is not good for us to be alone too much, but as our ageing and fractured society goes on it seems that far too many experience deep loneliness. Within the body of Christ’s church this need not be a significant feature of a life of wellbeing. Read more

  • Shalom

    Wellbeing seems to be the latest trendy concept – a need to focus on how we best function and live with ourselves and one another – at a time when anxiety and poor mental health appear to be on the increase. Shalom is an ancient Hebrew word, frequently translated simply as peace, but more accurately focused on a much stronger concept of wholeness, restoration and wellbeing. When things are out of alignment there is a need to bring shalom to people and situations. Shalom is an action, producing a state of wellbeing. Read more