Diocese of Newcastle

The challenge of Jesus is not ‘Believe in me’, but rather ‘Follow me’.

"Becoming a Christian is not about giving our intellectual assent to a good idea, but rather committing the whole of our life into the hands of the God who makes Himself known in the person of Jesus Christ. It is in this moment of self-surrender that we encounter the reality of Emmanuel, God with us.

"Not that following Jesus has been easy. I have seen friends killed for their faith. I have been beaten up and put in prison for standing up for what is right. I have suffered illness and hardship, but through it all I have known the overwhelming presence and power of God. Jesus doesn’t promise us an easy time, but He does promise to be with us whatever we face. And because Jesus is with us, we find that we can face anything, even the things that scare us most!

"In surrendering all to Jesus we enter into a relationship that is all encompassing and genuinely transforming. In surrendering all to Jesus we set out on a journey that is exhilarating, terrifying, surprising, mysterious, challenging and life-giving. It is in surrendering all to Jesus that we become ourselves as God has created us to be."

John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

This is an extract from the Archbishop's Inauguration Address at York Minster (2005)

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