Diocese of Newcastle

Diocesan Safeguarding Team

Our team is based at our Diocesan Offices at the following address:

Church House, St John's Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS or call 0191 270 4100. The office is currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions so please use mobile telephone numbers to contact staff members.

Carol Butler, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Tel: 07825 167016
Email: c.butler@newcastle.anglican.org

Carol, a specialist in safeguarding and risk management, is the new Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, succeeding Ruth Rogan who retires from the role at the end of June. She’ll have overall responsibility for the strategic and operational activities of the team and is accountable to Bishop Christine.

Andrew Grant, Assistant Safeguarding Adviser

Andrew takes lead responsibility for assessing and managing situations involving anyone who might pose a risk to children and/or vulnerable adults. He has a police background and can be contacted about any safeguarding concern anyone might have either within or outside the church community.

T: 07741 633 670
E: a.grant@newcastle.anglican.org

Ruth Rogan, PCR2 Officer

Ruth Rogan will continue to look after Past Case Review 2 for the Diocese.

T: 07436 216 750
E:  r.rogan@newcastle.anglican.org

Mark Bagnall, Safeguarding Training Officer

Mark's role is to ensure that the Foundation and Leadership modules are delivered in the Diocese. This is carried out in conjunction with the volunteer trainers.

Email: safeguardingtraining@newcastle.anglican.org

Ruth O'Hagan, Administrative Support Officer

Ruth takes the lead in all matters related to DBS questions, queries and processes, apart from dealing with blemishes which Ruth Rogan does. She works closely with APCS (Access Personal Checking Services) and can advise on who needs a DBS check and who doesn't. Ruth can be contacted about our training, tell you what you have already done, need to do and ensure you have the information you need prior to attending a training session.

T: 0191 270 4100
E: r.o'hagan@newcastle.anglican.org