Diocese of Newcastle

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction provides people with someone to talk with them in their journey of faith.

It covers any aspect of life as well as things like prayer and questions of faith. It helps people look at the questions, "Where is God in this? In what direction is the Spirit leading me?"

Sometimes we need encouraging, sometimes challenging, but most of us need someone to meet us where we are, and to listen to us in the ups and downs of our journeys. A Spiritual Director does not have all the answers, is not a counsellor, advice-giver or problem-solver. The Spiritual Director keeps confidentiality and is non-judgemental.

The words Spiritual Direction are the traditional description of the work, so we use it, though Spiritual Directors are not "directive" in the way they used to be in the past. Others might use the term "soul friend", or even "mentor". The title does not really matter. Meeting our need does.

Who is it for?

Spiritual Direction is for all who want it, men and women, lay people and clergy alike. It is open to people of all churches, and to those on the fringe of the church. A Spiritual Director can help explore a person's religious or spiritual experience, so it can be at the cutting edge of evangelism.

Who are Spiritual Directors?

They are people from all churches, lay and ordained, women and men. They may have received specific training as spiritual directors, or they may simply be people experienced in listening and in spiritual matters. If you find people talking to you about where God is in their lives, you are probably carrying out something of this ministry already.

Taster Days, 7-Week courses, and longer courses are all available in the area, to increase skills and confidence, as are support groups and an annual residential Consultation.

How can I find a Spiritual Director?

Lesley Chapman, the Bishop’s Adviser for Spirituality and Spiritual Direction is currently on leave.