Our five year vision is called growing church bringing hope, expressing a deep longing to see our worshipping communities growing in numbers, in prayer and discipleship, in serving our communities, above all in making a difference - sharing the hope we have, which is the power of God to transform us and our world.

The challenges of Church life in the 21st century are many, but in Newcastle Diocese, weve narrowed them down into five strands:

  1. Prayer
  2. Growth
  3. Impact
  4. City Centre
  5. Rural

Underpinning our vision are three core values - Generous, Engaged, Open. They express the spirit in which we approach the Vision, and in which we carry out activities to support it.

This is our way of trying to meet these challenges and ensure a vibrant, authentic and sustaining Christian presence in every community in the diocese.

We have come to believe that the Church of England even with its tensions and inadequacies has a distinct contribution to make in its desire to be vitally present in the parishes. Put simply, this vital presence adds up to a desire to be Generous, Engaged and Open in the way we follow Christ, and the manner in which we invite others to join our pilgrimage of faith.

Our Vision is to be prayerful, to grow, to have a positive impact on the people and communities around us, to be active in the city centre of Newcastle, and to reimagine rural ministry.

Please click on the strands at the top of this page to find our more about they great work we are all doing to grow church and bring hope.

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