Diocese of Newcastle



We aim to equip teams of lay people and clergy to work together for missional, spiritual and numerical growth.


In three years' time, 60 parishes will have taken part in Leading Your Church into Growth (LyCiG), and will have seen the fruits of that in missional, spiritual and numerical growth.


In Year One, we will identify and resource the first 20 parishes; and run and evaluate the course.

What we are doing

Two LyCiG courses have been held, attended by 39 parishes, with a third course scheduled in 2019. 

The three-day course is for mixed teams of lay people and clergy, with themes covering leadership and vision, committing to growth, developing and implementing a strategy, developing a community, telling our story and developing worship that helps the church to grow. 

The first course was led by the national LyCiG team but the second was led by the diocese, supported by the national team, which has given a more local context. 

An ongoing mentoring programme has been established to support parishes after attending the course together with an evaluation process. 

Feedback from the attendees has been positive with many parishes embracing and building on what they have learnt and we are now seeing the shoots of growth in some areas. 

"There is much to celebrate in LyCiG. It gives a good lens to look through, to see what needs changing. There are lots of achievable practical outcomes that can be put into practice."
"Very positive, thought-provoking event. Clear achievable steps with an emphasis on prayer before, during and after."
"It was not what I expected. It was so much more and really feel we can do it as a parish."

Our hope is that we continue to identify, equip and support the resources within our parishes to create a sustainable programme, allowing us to embed missional, spiritual and numerical growth in our diocese.

Leading your Church into Growth