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Is God calling you?

The answer to that question is yes! God loves each one of us and calls us all to grow ever closer to him and to reflect his love in the world. We all share that same calling as baptised Christians but there are as many ways of living out that calling as there are people. Each one of us has been made uniquely in God's image, and so our calling is unique and can be fulfilled in many different ways – through our jobs, our families and friends, through volunteering, in our church communities, by preaching and teaching, by travelling to spread God’s word or to help people, and by offering our lives to God through joining a religious community or seeking ordination as a deacon or a priest.

If you think you might be called to ordained ministry or to join a religious community you might be worried that you're not the right sort of person; or have the right background or qualifications. But God has always called all sorts of people to serve him in particular ministries: from every part of society, from every sort of background, people just like you, and people quite different from you!

If you think that God might be calling you to ministry in the Church of England, or to join one of our Religious Communities you should:

Pray - ask God for guidance 

Talk - to your vicar or chaplain 

Listen - to those who know and love you 

Hearing God’s call is not always straightforward. We need the support of others as we try to work out what our calling is all about. The Diocesan Vocations Team is here to help people to explore and fulfil their vocation. We work with churches and deaneries, with diocesan teams and with individuals, helping them to discover and respond to God’s call in their lives.

Here's how we do it:

To what kind of ministry might God be calling me?
Ordained Ministry
Reader Ministry
Links to help you explore other forms of ministry:
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Religious Life
Youth Ministry

Link to explore the various Church of England ministries: 

Church of England Vocations

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