Diocese of Newcastle

Vocations Links

There are a number of resources to explore if you believe you are being called to some sort of vocation

The Church of England’s vocations pages: http://vocation.churchofengland.org/menu

Newcastle Diocese vocations pages: http://www.newcastle.anglican.org/mission-and-ministry/vocations.aspx

Newcastle Diocese’s young vocations network: http://godcallingnewcastle.wixsite.com/network

The Church of England’s young vocations network: http://www.callwaiting.org.uk/

Lots of resources about vocations for churches and individuals: https://www.cpas.org.uk/

Resources for today’s Christians in their daily lives: https://www.licc.org.uk/

More resources to help us in our everyday lives: https://www.aftersunday.org.uk/

A new and growing group of Christians in our diocese working together to support each other’s discipleship and the work of God in our place: http://www.walkwithaidan.org.uk/

Our Religious Resources Centre – books, resources for schools, events and so much more: https://www.resourcescentreonline.co.uk/