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  • Changes within the Safeguarding team

    I will be retiring as Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser in June this year and the Diocese is starting the recruitment process for a full-time safeguarding adviser to replace me. I’ve been in this role for almost six years and until now it has always been a part-time role, so the decision to recruit to a full-time post is welcomed. Read more

  • A strategy for victims and survivors of abuse

    The Church of England and in turn the Diocese of Newcastle are committed to ensuring that the voices and views of victims and survivors of abuse are heard and taken into account in all we do. Read more

  • Towards a safer church

    As Christmas approaches and another year comes to an end, I always like to reflect on the previous 12 months, both personally and professionally. I am pleased to say that I think 2019 has been a good year in every sense.

    The work of the Safeguarding team in particular has been extremely rewarding. We all feel that there is a genuine effort in the Diocese, to improve our safeguarding practice. Read more

  • Survivors

    In September Andrew Grant (Asst DSA) and I attended a National Safeguarding Summit at York University.

    The first day was facilitated by members of the national Survivors Reference Group.
    They talked not only about their experience of reporting abuse within the Church of England but also about their commitment and motivation to integrate the ‘survivor’s voice’ into the life and work of the church.
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  • A safe environment and activities

    This is the heading of the 11th section of the Parish Safeguarding Handbook (PSH). All parishes were sent a copy of the Parish Safeguarding Handbook earlier in the year. This booklet should be on display in your church along with your safeguarding policy and ‘Promoting a Safe Church’ poster. Further copies can be purchased from Church House Publishing or can be downloaded from the Church of England https://www.churchofengland.org/more/safeguarding/templates-resources or our Diocesan website https://www.newcastle.anglican.org/documents/parish-safeguarding-handbook/ Read more

  • Panorama and the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse

    In recent weeks, there has been considerable publicity about the church’s failings to respond compassionately, effectively and appropriately to victims and survivors abused by clergy, with evidence that the reputation of the church and its senior clergy was the Church’s highest priority. This left victims and survivors disbelieved, unsupported and traumatised. Read more

  • Safeguarding training and policy. What can a parish expect from the Diocese?

    This is the heading of the second section of the Parish Safeguarding Handbook. A complimentary printed copy will be coming out to all parishes very soon. Read more

  • Towards A Safer Church: DBS and training

    Within the safeguarding team based at Church House we are fortunate to have Ruth O’Hagan who is the DBS Administrator for the Diocese.

    Read more

  • Towards A Safer Church: Safeguarding Concerns

    The Safeguarding Team is often asked when it should be contacted in relation to safeguarding concerns. Read more

  • Domestic Abuse Champions

    Twenty members of laity and clergy attended Domestic Abuse Champion training in November at the Police and Crime Commissioners Office.
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