Contactless giving

Even before the pandemic, the use of cash was on the decline. Covid-19 has only accelerated this and former predictions that in 10 years only 10 per cent of transactions will be with notes and coins, seem quite optimistic now! Cash has been overtaken in popularity by debit cards, driven by the use of contactless technology. And it’s not just the younger generation who are making contactless payments on debit cards. Older consumers have also adopted the technology, with some of the biggest rises in the last few years among pensioners.

Why do you need to act?

Providing the option to donate or indeed pay with a debit card will enable your church to:

  • Capture donations that may not otherwise have been made.
  • Engage with a wider range of visitors, especially those who are not regular churchgoers and may never carry cash, think baptisms, weddings etc.
  • Offer greater choice for a generous donor.
  • Future proof for the inevitable further decline of cash.
  • Gift Aid can be claimed on contactless donations through the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.

Things to consider

There are a variety of options on the market, so you will need to consider a few things before deciding which solution to go with:

  • Is your church Wifi or data enabled? Some devices require this to operate.
  • Is your church best suited to a payment terminal or a donation terminal? It could be that your church is suited to both types, for example if it has a church shop and also has a high visitor footfall or a large number of life events.
  • How much can your church afford to pay for contactless equipment?

Getting Started with Contactless

To find the best contactless payment device for your church, it is best to go to Parish Buying to view a range of solutions which can be filtered on various criteria to ensure you find the right solution You will need to make sure that you are registered with Parish Buying and logged in to view all information. You can also find some guidance on good governance and good management when using contactless in your parish, by visiting the contactless section on the main Church of England website. Here you will also find access to regular free webinars on contactless giving. Simply click on the webinars and training link.

Contactless Device Overviews

TThe table below shows a comparative of each of the devices available through Parish Buying,

GiveALittle and Contactless

GiveALittle is a point of donation software developed by Parish Buying. The GiveALittle app has been especially created to allow users to receive contactless (and online) donations with low set up costs and transaction charges. For further details, visit our Getting Started with GiveALittle page.

Contactless Promotional Posters

If you have contactless giving capability in your church, it's important to let people know!

  • Click here for an editable poster to display – simply add your church name and any other details you my wish to add
  • Click here for a generic non-customised version to print straight away.

Free trials available

We have a small range of contactless solutions available for parishes to try out for free before they buy. Please contact Joanne for further information or to arrange a trial.





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