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Ecclesiastical Bursaries for Extended Study Leave

Sabbatical Policy, Application Form and Sabbatical Reports


Cleaver Ordination Candidates Fund 

The Cleaver Ordination Candidates Fund exists for the support and encouragement of Anglican ordinands committed to a traditional Catholic understanding of the priesthood and episcopate, and to urge the importance of continuing sound theological learning amongst the clergy.

Clergy Support Trust 

Formerly known as Sons and Friends of the Clergy, the Trust will consider grants for clergy who have limited savings and do not own property, towards:

  • books for ordinands
  • sabbaticals 
  • retreat costs 

...also certain living expenses, health issues and various other special purposes. 


Ecclesiastical Insurance Ministry Bursary Awards

The Ecclesiastical Ministry Bursary Awards help ministers to finance extended study leave and ministerial development.  Applicants must have served 10 years as full-time stipendiary in Christian church, clerical or lay, excluding dignitaries.

Find out more on their website.

Fellowship of the Maple Leaf

The Fellowship of the Maple Leaf (FML) exists to promote links between the Church in Canada and the United Kingdom by furthering mutual learning in our engagement with each others' cultures. To achieve this, grants of two kinds are awarded: 

  • Individual bursaries for study and cross-cultural experiences for Canadians visiting the UK and for people from the UK visiting Canada. 
  • Grants for projects involving the development of ministry and in the fields of Christian education and training, social responsibility, cross-cultural communication, and pastoral work.

Lawrence Atwell’s Charity

The Charity assists young people who come from a low-income background to become qualified or equipped to work in their chosen career.


Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust

Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust is an ecumenical charity that offers several grants each year towards vocational training for those considering preaching.  Grants can be used towards course fees and materials for any recognised course that enables the applicant to explore or develop their preaching skills.  This may include ‘gap year’ style courses as well as continuing professional development courses.

Philip Usher Memorial Fund

Scholarships and travel grants for study abroad of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Applicants must be either ordained ministers, or accepted candidates for ordination.  Priority will be given to applicants who are under 36 years old. 

The holder of the scholarship will be required to spend between six and eighteen months abroad in the study of the faith and practice of an Orthodox Church.  A written examination (with some theological reflection) of the time spent in the study of the Orthodox Church must be submitted within six months of return.

In addition to Scholarships, the Committee is able to award smaller grants for shorter periods of Orthodox study, if there are applications of sufficient merit, and resources are available.


St Boniface Trust 

The Trust is a small charity established to advance the Christian Religion in accordance with the principles of the Anglican faith in all parts of the world.  It exists particularly for the provision of education and training of clergy and lay people by the award of scholarships and maintenance allowance or any purpose concerning their spiritual or temporal welfare. 

 Secretary: Mr David Prior, 4 Cley View, Warminster, Wilts, BA12 8NS, 01985 216904. 


St Christopher’s Educational Trust

Individuals may apply for grants for projects designed to support academic and/or practical studies leading to better practice in Christian education and formation.

 see the ACCT website

St George’s Trust

The Trust gives grants to Anglican clergy, seminarians and students.  The awards are currently worth up to £350.  Each year the Trustees set a budget for the total amount that can be awarded and distribution is made until the limit is reached.  We therefore encourage application early in the calendar year.

Clergy - The grants for stipendiary clergy are for those taking sabbaticals.  For self-supporting clergy (for whom official sabbaticals are rarely given) grants are available for recognised study.  The grant will customarily contribute towards travel and accommodation costs involved in study.  A brief letter of confirmation from a cleric’s bishop, archdeacon or continuing education office is required to support the application.

 Visit the St George's Trust website

St Luke’s College Foundation

The Foundation’s object is the advancement of further and higher education in religious education and theology.  Grants are awarded to individuals for research and taught postgraduate qualifications in these fields; and to eligible organisations for related initiatives and facilities.

 01822 613143

Torchbearer Trust

Grants for people engaged in full-time Christian instruction or training.  Preference is given to students and former students of Torchbearer Bible schools. Usually grants of up to £200.

Typical Grants:  One-off grants and bursaries according to need.

How to apply: In writing to the correspondent.

Correspondent: The Secretary, Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 IAG

 01524 7363908;;

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Would experience overseas enhance your effectiveness in your career or field of interest?

Could this bring real benefits and positive change to your community, the UK and yourself?

If the answer is ‘yes’, check your eligibility, look at examples of previous projects, and register to receive an email alert when applications re-open.  Grants cover return and internal travel, daily living and insurance. 

Women’s Continuing Ministerial Education Trust (WCMET)

The object of the WCMET is to further the Continuing Ministerial Education of women in the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church by means of grants to ordained women, female Accredited Lay Workers (including Church Army sisters) and religious sisters (lay or ordained) who are in need of financial assistance. Three Trusts formerly known as the Central Deaconess House Trust Fund, the St Andrews House Fund and the Church of England Deaconess Fund were amalgamated to form the WCMET.

The Trustees’ policy is to assist work and ministry in areas that go beyond normal diocesan financial responsibilities or where normal diocesan resources are insufficient, for example in-service training, academic study, sabbaticals and travel.

Applications should be made on the form provided below. Applications will normally be considered quarterly, at the end of: March, June, September and December. 

WCMET, Ministry Division, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3AZ  

WCMET application form

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