Teaching and Nurturing Generosity

Generosity is at the heart of our faith because we follow and serve a generous God. No matter who we are, if we believe, we will have eternal life and that’s God’s generosity right there; an inclusive message of hope for all of us. How we share the time, skills, money and resources we have been given is fundamentally an issue of discipleship and something that should be taught and preached regularly in our church communities. There is certainly no shortage of biblical material. Over 2,300 verses relate to money, wealth and possessions and one third of Jesus parables relate to these topics too!

The Generous Giving Team have developed or are able to recommend a range of different resources to help parishes nurture this spirit of generosity in our church communities, and are also willing to visit churches across the diocese where invited for appropriate events, meetings or services. More details of the support and resources we offer are below, but please contact us should your requirements be slightly different as we are keen to tailor our support to suit individual circumstances.

Lent Course - "Surprised By Generosity"

“Surprised by Generosity” is a 7-week Lent Course that looks at God’s generosity to us and our call to live generously in return. It is based on the Gospel of Luke and features a series of videos and a small group study guide along with notes and instructions for the Course Leader. It is ideally suited for small or midweek groups, could be clergy or lay led, and run either in-person or online. Originally developed for Lent 2022, the Course has now been adapted with Exeter’s permission to make it relevant and topical for any year. 

Download Surprised by Generosity

Sermon Starters

These are available for those Sundays in 2023 where one of the Lectionary readings is particularly suited to exploring the theme of Generosity. These will be updated throughout the year.

Pre-Recorded Sermons

Based on the above, pre-recorded sermons are also available for churches to use.

Stories and Reflections on Giving Generously - "Where Your Heart Is" (Film Version)

Originally created for Generosity Week 2022, these 6-7 minute films are an informal way to explore the theme of generosity and help us understand more deeply the link between personal financial generosity and growing in our faith as children and disciples of God. The series can be used in a variety of settings including church away days, PCC meetings, deanery synods or as an introduction to a giving or stewardship review. .

Stories and Reflection on Giving Generously - "Where Your Heart Is" (Short Booklet Form)

Download "Where Your Heart Is"

Workshops and Seminars

Giving Ministry Adviser, Dennis Fancett is available to lead workshops or seminars tailored to individual requirements. Suitable for deanery synods, PCC meetings, church away days, or as an introduction to a giving or stewardship review. Contact Dennis on 07467 563 311 or at d.fancett@newcastle.anglican.org.

Sunday Services

Dennis is also available to speak on generosity from a Biblical perspective at Sunday services. Please email d.fancett@newcastle.anglican.org to check his availability.

Recommended Reading

Here are some books we’ve come across that can help deepen our understanding of generosity. If you have read one of these books and would be willing to write a short review, please contact d.fancett@newcastle.anglican.org.

Additional Resources

Generosity Learning Hub (National Church)

Generosity Fika (National Church)

Preaching Generosity (Diocese of Rochester)

Giving in Grace (Preaching) (Diocese of Liverpool originally)

Generosity Path (Global non-profit educational organisation)


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