Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

I need a new DBS or to renew a DBS check

Every Parish should have a DBS Administrator (sometimes known as an ID checker), this is often, but not always, the same person as the Parish Safeguarding Officer. In most cases this would be your first port of call. They will give you an ID number and website link to complete your DBS application. In the case of Clergy Donna Brown (d.brown@newcastle.anglican.org) will provide this information, Donna can also answer any queries you have around DBS

PLEASE do not apply for a DBS online without this information from your DBS admin, or using a search result. This may result in you incurring charges which are not necessary.

I have a query regarding an ongoing DBS check

APCS should be contacted about any DBS checks that are currently being processed or DBS eligibility queries.

Website: https://criminalrecordchecks.co.uk/

Phone: 0845 643 1145

I’m not sure who is eligible for a DBS check

APCS provide a useful online DBS Eligibility Tool to assist parishes in determining if a DBS check is required for a role and the level of check.


We also hold sessions regarding Eligibility with a representative from DBS leading these sessions. These are a good chance to bring your queries regarding eligibility

This document can also give you additional information on Eligibility. 

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