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Theology& seminar series at Newcastle Cathedral, Thursdays at 3.30-5.00pm: 1st February, 7th March, 2nd May

Open to all – please email to express an interest.

Continuing this popular series of talks exploring the intersections between theology and ‘other’ disciplines.

1st Feb, Jaimee Summers: Theology & Neurodiversity: God's Gift of Sparkly Brains

Jaimee (they/them) is a vicar in Southwark Diocese with their dog, Rev Rosie. They spent their curacy in Epping, Essex, and trained in Cuddesdon Theological College. They are passionate about disability theology, queer theology, hobbits & wildlife. They once received a tiny, tiny trophy for being the shortest priest in England (status thus far unchallenged). 




7th March, Tim Evans: Theology and Practicing Radical Presence - exploring an asset based community development lens to engaging our communities

Tim has been a trained youth and community worker for 30 years and was previously CEO of a small national Christian youth and community work organisation Worth Unlimited for 19 years. He has M.A's in Community Education and in Theological Education. For 20 years he has lived intentionally on an estate in east Birmingham developing youth work and as part of his local Anglican church helped initiate and manage intergenerational community building work using an asset based community development approach. He has been a trustee of several charities including Thrive Together, a joint venture between Birmingham Diocese and the Church Urban Fund to enable churches to tackle issues of poverty, Birmingham YMCA tackling youth homelessness, Darlington Area Churches Youth Ministry supporting youth work and mental health support for young people, and UCC building a school providing education for underprivileged children in Ghana. 

Now running a training, coaching and consultancy company, Curating Connections that supports churches, organisations, institutions and practitioners in delivering quality youth work and developing an asset based community development approach including trauma informed and (hopefully) theologically literate approaches as appropriate. A Senior Associate of Nurture Development who work in 35 countries animating institutions, practitioners and communities in adopting an ABCD approach. A Practice Lead for Loconomy that seeks social justice through developing local economies using an asset based approach, and engaging communities in community regeneration programs. 

With his wife Ria, they have been foster carers for 21 years, have two daughters and a dog and he enjoys cycling, tennis, squash and painfully being a Fulham supporter!

2nd May, Malcolm Guite and Tim Boniface: Theology, Imagination and the Arts

This lecture and discussion explores the intersection between Christian thought, artistic endeavour and the role of the imagination in faith. An exciting wide-ranging session led by  renowned priest, poet and theologian Malcolm Guite, along with jazz performer, composer and theologian Tim Boniface.


Malcolm Guite is a poet and priest, and Life Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge. He lives in Norfolk, England, and lectures widely in England and North America on Theology and Literature. His books include Sounding the Seasons; Seventy Sonnets for the Christian Year (Canterbury 2012).  The Singing Bowl; Collected Poems (Canterbury  2013) and Parable and Paradox (Canterbury Press 2016) and Mariner: A Voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Hodder 2017) After Prayer (Canterbury Press 2019) and The Word Within the Words (DLT 2021) and Lifting The Veil, Square Halo, 2021.

In 2023 he was awarded the Archbishop Lanfranc Medal for Education and Scholarship by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He has a Youtube series called ‘A Spell in the Library’ at

Tim Boniface is a jazz saxophonist, pianist, composer and educator; and a priest serving as Chaplain to Girton College in Cambridge. Alongside his regular collaborations with numerous leading jazz musicians on the UK scene, Tim’s original jazz suites explore broad scriptural themes through jazz composition and improvisation. His critically acclaimed works The Eight Words (2016) and The Infant (2019) have now been followed by a new work, Psalter: Themes for Peace, to be premiered at St Albans Cathedral in January 2024. Tim’s theological work explores Christian approaches to transcendence (Jesus Transcendence and Generosity, Fortress, 2018) and the intersection of theology and arts.





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