Deanery Officers

The Deaneries of the Diocese of Newcastle are local groupings of parishes.

Each deanery has an Area Dean, who is the senior incumbent in the deanery, and an elected Deanery Lay Chair. 

Other deanery officers include the Secretary to the Deanery Synod and the Deanery Finance Officer. Each Deanery Synod is made up of clergy and laity.

The details for each deanery are included below.

Deanery Officers

Area Dean: The Revd Alison Hardy, 01665 571314
Deanery Lay Chair: Hugh Williams
Deanery Synod Secretary: Jill Wharton
Deanery Finance Officer: Joanna Chillingsworth

Bamburgh & Glendale

Area Dean: The Revd Louise Taylor-Kenyon, 01668 214748
Deanery Lay Chair: Vacant
Deanery Synod Secretary: Carol Griffiths
Deanery Finance Officer: Vacant


Area Dean: Revd Canon Ian Flintoft, 01670 364 542, 
Deamery Lay Chair: Lynne Craggs, 01670 355 411
Deanery Synod Secretary: Valerie Masterman
Deanery Finance Officer: Vacant


Area Dean: The Canon Revd Sarah Lunn, 01434 681 721
Deanery Lay Chair: Alice Murray, 01434 681118
Deanery Synod Secretary: Vacant
Deanery Finance Officer: Roger Langford


Area Dean: The Revd Canon David Kennedy, 01434 633012
Deanery Lay Chair: David McKenzie
Deanery Synod Secretary: Vacant
Deanery Finance Officer: Robin Brims


Area Dean: The Revd Dr Martin Naylor
Deanery Lay Chair: John Mitchell 01434603561 / 07941 757750
Deanery Synod Secretary: Philip Rutherford
Deanery Finance Officer: Tricia Arnold


Area Dean: The Revd Chris Groocock, 01670 813358 
Deanery Lay Chair: Janice Robinson, 01670 790865
Deanery Synod Secretary: Val Pope
Deanery Finance Officer: Linda Rudd


Area Dean: The Revd Canon Dr Sarah Hills, 01289 389216
Deanery Lay Chair: Jane Pannell
Deanery Synod Secretary: Phil Rowett
Deanery Finance Officer: Jonathan Gibbs

Newcastle Central

Area Dean: The Revd Dr Pauline Pearson,
Deanery Lay Chair: Carol Barclay, 0191 2842379 
Deanery Synod Secretary: Ruth O'Hagan
Deanery Finance Officer: Gill Mitchell

Newcastle East

Area Dean: The Revd Phil Medley
Deanery Lay Chair: Mr Matthew King, 0191 243 2888
Deanery Synod Secretary: Louisa Fox
Deanery Finance Officer: Vacant

Newcastle West

Area Dean: The Revd James McGowan, 0191 266 1071
Deanery Lay Chair: Meg Fisher, 0191 274 7247
Deanery Synod Secretary: Vacant
Deanery Synod Finance Officer: Vacant


Area Dean: The Revd Tim Mayfield, 0191 252 9393
Deanery Lay Chair: Mrs Emma Doran, 0191 280 1968
Deanery Synod Secretary: Jan Porter
Deanery Finance Officer: Iain Shaw





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