What is a sabbatical?

The concept grows out of the Sabbath tradition of rest, renewal and re-creation and sabbatical leave is a period of time away from the normal place of work. It is not the same as a holiday, a ministerial exchange or study leave, though these may be elements within it. Sabbaticals are for those in active and healthy ministry, rather than recovering from illness or a crisis.Their duration is a maximum of three months.

Who can apply?

Stipendiary Clergy who have been ordained for ten years or more, of which at least the last three years are in this diocese. An opportunity should be possible for a three-month sabbatical period in every ten years of ministry. The CMF officer will not accept applications from clergy who are within five years of retirement.

What is the process?

Please contact CMF officer, Ce Pacitti, to arrange to meet to discuss your proposal. You then need to complete a form, which is submitted to the CMF officer who will discuss it with you, and take it to Bishop’s Staff for a decision as to whether the sabbatical will be granted. There will usually be up to three sabbaticals granted a year. The initial request for the sabbatical must be made at least 12 months before the proposed sabbatical is due to start. 

Is there a grant for sabbaticals?

Yes. The CMF officer can grant up to 1,100 from the CMF budget.

Do I need to give any feedback after the sabbatical?

Yes. You are asked to submit a report of about 1,500 words about your sabbatical to the CMF officer. If appropriate, you should be willing to deliver some training/development based on the subject of your sabbatical so that others can benefit from your experience.

Sabbatical Application Form

Click here to download the Sabbatical Application Form. 

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