St Hilda's Trust

St Hilda’s Trust supports charities and organisations who work with disadvantaged children and young people, within the boundaries of Newcastle Diocese (Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle).

The Trust offers grants for charitable purposes, although the organisations don’t have to be registered charities. Particular consideration will be given to projects where there is church involvement or interest. 

The Trust was set up in December 1988 from the proceeds of the sale of St Hilda’s Approved School and Community Home. 

The Trust could benefit parishes who have plans to engage with children and young people offering funding to get your project started. 

See here how St Hilda's has made a big difference to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity which supports families who are caring for seriously ill children..

More information is availalbe in the St Hilda's leaflet 

How to apply

Application forms

For a grant application form contact:

Kyrinn Gill, Administrative Support Officer

Tel: 0191 270 4145

St Hilda’s Trust, Church House, St John’s Terrace, North Shields, NE29 6HS


The Application Process

Please complete all sections of the application form, including as much information as possible regarding the work for which the grant is requested. In addition, a copy of the organisation’s budget, annual report and accounts should be provided. 

The trustees normally meet four times a year, usually March, June, September and December. Please contact the Secretary to be advised of application deadlines. 

After the Trustees have considered the application the Secretary will be in contact with the outcome. If successful, the funds will be transferred within a month. 

Reports and Follow up

The trustees do take a keen interest in the causes that are offered support. Grants are made on the condition that a report is submitted within twelve months detailing how the funds were spent and what has been achieved as a result. The report should be submitted to the Secretary. Additionally, one or more of the trustees may ask to make a personal visit to the project concerned. 

Trust's Objectives

The furtherance of such legally charitable purposes in connection with the Church of England and the Diocesan Society as the Managing Trustees of the Trust may think proper and in particular, but not so as to limit or restrict the furtherance of such purposes, the relief either generally or individually of persons who are in condition of need, hardship and distress within the Diocese of Newcastle. 

Board of Trustees

The Bishop of Newcastle is the ex-officio Chair of the Trustee Board and the managing trustees are:

The Revd Christine Brown
Julian Brown
Helen Cooper
David Littlefield
Canon Roger Styring
Mrs Diane Watt MBE
Dr Margaret Wilkinson

The trustee board meets at least three times a year; around New Year, Easter and harvest time. Where possible, the trustees are pleased to visit projects with special interest or benefit to the churches or communities concerned.

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