Diocese of Newcastle



We affirm that everything we do must be grounded in deep prayerfulness and so we aim to create opportunities for deeper engagement with God in prayer.


In three years' time, 250 people across the diocese will have taken part in a Month of Guided Prayer, and 30 Prayer Guides will have been  trained and resourced.


In Year One, we will resource a team of Prayer Guides and run a pilot for 30 participants.

What we are doing

A month of guided prayer has now been undertaken by over 70 people from 26 parishes throughout the diocese with 20 Prayer Guides now trained. The feedback from participants has been good.

"I have learned not to expect God to tell me what he wants, just to trust he will gently guide me. I feel much more relaxed in myself and in my faith, trusting God so much more."

"The month has made a positive impact on both how I pray and through this my commitment to my faith. Time spent in prayer has now increased and I feel confident to be more open in my prayers and pray as I am feeling."
"At the end of the month, I felt confident about my faith and the way in which I pray, I had fresh ideas and perspectives, and I was able to continue my prayer life, my relationship with God in a much less frantic state."

What is a month of guided prayer like?

It might be called a ‘retreat in daily life.’ You carry on with your life, but you pay attention to your praying, supported by a guide, over that month. You meet one-to-one with a trained Prayer guide for 30 minutes each week, and they will help you to reflect on your praying, and maybe to try new things.

It’s for anyone who wants to deepen their prayer life, whatever stage of the journey they are at.

We are now looking to see how we can build upon this to extend the reach and develop an ongoing movement of prayer that signifies the heartbeat of the diocese. 

For more details email the Revd Canon Ian Flintoft or call him on 0191 270 4143.