Faith and violence against women explored in new video

First published on: 14th July 2021


An insightful video reflecting on the relationships between religion and violence against women has been released by Voices of Faith.

The YouTube video, which includes an introduction from Bishop Christine, explores this subject from the point of view of three female speakers.

Brenda Dinsdale, a member of the Jewish community in Newcastle, Nabeela Ali, a member of the Muslim community in Newcastle and Revd Gemma Sampson, a Church of England priest based in Hartlepool, all give their own personal reflections in this 20-minute video.

In her introduction, Bishop Christine said: “It cannot be right for any woman to live in fear, to not be able to be the person God has created her to be - with great joy and a sense of safety and security and honour within the place of the family.

“When this doesn’t happen, God is greatly grieved. It is really a great opportunity to bring this into the light because so often domestic violence is hidden and the more powerless a woman feels, the less able she feels, the less able to talk about what is happening.”

Voices of Faith, based in Newcastle, is a multi-faith group representing a number of religions in our society including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as well as many of the smaller faith groups like Bahai and Zoroastrian. The group works together to create a forum where people can get involved in deeper dialogue with those from different faiths and beliefs. Voices of Faith promote strong links between people of different faiths.


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