Generosity Week Resource Hub

Central Resources

As part of National Generosity Week, a range of resources have been created by the National Giving Team, all of which can be accessed on the main Church of England website;


  • Podcast Series - eight podcasts are accompanied by a daily reflection and activity to help reflect on God’s generosity, and to activate it in our daily lives. Podcasts are available to listen to and download from all major podcast platforms including Apple PodcastGoogle Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Worship Materials - eight formal morning prayer services, traditional eucharist material, traditional service of the word and service content packs (first Sunday to celebrate generosity and second Sunday to celebrate gratitude).
  • Discipleship Materials - a collection of two "Living Faith" sessions; one which explores and celebrates the material and spiritual legacy we have received from the things that we value, and what our role might be in passing on that legacy to future generations, the other which focuses on our place within a community, our calling to mutually give and receive, and how our generosity together enables the life and work of our churches. 

Promoting and Explaining Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week

Further tools are also available to help you promote and explain Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week in your church;


  • Direct link to the Church Print Hub to order free customised flyers for Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week. These flyers can be edited to include details of your own church events and activities.
  • Download our Stories of Generosity to help your church discover and celebrate it's own generous stories.
  • On the Church of England website you can access additional marketing resources for national Generosity Week which include suggested social media copy, and a customisable video using the video generator on A Church Near You.
  • To prepare for Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week you can sign up to attend a webinar run by the National Giving Team to guide you through some of the central resources available to help you "have a good Generosity Week" at your church. There are a choice of dates over the summer;

Getting in touch

Finally, we would really love to hear your feedback on Newcastle Diocese Generosity Week. Please get in touch with the Generous Giving Team to share your stories and experience. Thank you for for taking part!

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