Governors are a group of hard working people who give freely of their time, talents and energy. They come from different backgrounds, reflecting the many interest groups involved in our schools.

These will include the Church, the Local Authority, parents and carers, teaching and non-teaching staff. They have one thing in common: they are all dedicated to ensuring that the children in their school receive the best possible education in the context of Christian belief and practice.

Effective Church school governing bodies are those that work as a team, whatever the background of the individuals involved. They need to put into place a clear set of aims, values and principles which can be seen operating on a day-by-day basis throughout the school. A visitor should be in no doubt that they have visited a Church school and that being a Church school makes a difference.

Training and advice for new and more experienced governors is arranged by the Joint Education Team and the local authorities. Useful websites to support governance are given below.

Useful websites for governors - latest information from the government - Section 5 Inspection reports - QCA circulars and publications

A reminder to get in touch

We thought it may be helpful to remind our schools of some of the key times when a school/ its foundation governors should get in touch with us for help and support;

· If a vacancy for a Head Teacher occurs at the school. This is so we can help the governing body with advice about the new appointment from an early stage.

· If there are plans to alter or extend school buildings, or any plans to lease or rent space on diocesan land or within the building to another group (for example an after school club or pre-school) This is so we can provide support and ensure this in accordance with the school trusts and property documents, and so necessary consents can be sought.

· If changes are being proposed to your admissions policy so that we can provide guidance and support before consultation takes place.

· If changes are proposed to the composition of the governing body, so we can provide advice and guidance.

· If you are considering entering into structural arrangements with other schools and/ or converting to an academy. We must be involved at an early stage so we can support and guide you and ensure you have the necessary Board of Education or related consents.

· If a Foundation Governor resigns. This is so that we can make sure this is amended in our records and we can provide any necessary support.

· If you have any serious concerns about aspects of the school or its governance which you need to share.

Please remember we are here to support you and it is important we are kept informed at an early stage in all of the above situations (and others) so that we can ensure you receive the right guidance and support and also any consents or permissions needed.

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