Safeguarding Templates and Resources

Safeguarding Resources

You can download the latest edition of the Parish Safeguarding Handbook here. To request a hard copy of the handbook, contact Church House Publishing.

Parish Resources can be accessed on the Church of England website.

Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Resources

Parish Complaints Policy

You may not get many complaints, and most of those that you do receive can be settled informally. However, it is essential that you have a complaints policy so that people know how to complain if they wish to do so. A regulator, such as the Charity Commission or the Fundraising Regulator, will expect PCC to have a complaints policy. If someone complains to them about your church, they will expect that complainant to have first followed the process set out in your policy. Our sample policy can help you create your policy, and it also clarifies the differences between formal complaints about clergy and readers and about other matters to do with the church

Parish Whistleblowing Policy

Download a generic Parish Whistleblowing Policy here which can be adapted for your own parish. 

Safe Spaces Posters

Safe Spaces poster (QR Code)

Safe Spaces poster (male)

Safe Spaces poster (female)


Responding to a safeguarding concern or allegation

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Guidance

Guidance on genuine occupational requirements

Diocesan Lone Worker Guidance 

Lone Working Risk Assessment Form

Diocesan Whistleblowing Policy


Church Officers subject to safeguarding investigations

Information for Complainants

Information for Respondents 

What is a Link Person? 

What is a Support Person?


Bell Towers and Young People Guidance

It is good practice for all churches to have statements publicly available to all, stating how bell towers are run. If you have an active bell tower, please display this document on a visible notice board: Good practice on maintaining a safe environment in the belfry for young people (added 6 June 2023).

Safeguarding Virtual Library

The Safeguarding Virtual library can be found on the National Training Portal. The library contains a range of publications, literature, and other resources, both academic and practical, broadly captured into the following categories: Literature; Podcasts; Video; Research; External Organisations (with links); Infographics; Webinars.

Risk Assessment Examples

Advent & Christmas Services RA Baby and Toddler Group RA Baby and Toddler Group 2 RA
Bell Tower RA Christingle Service RA Christmas Carol Concert RA
Christmas Fair RA Christmas Tree Festival RA Church RA
Church Cottage RA Church Cottage 2 RA Coffee and Chat RA
Coffee Morning and Social Event RA Crisis Management RA Dementia Group RA
Eco Church RA Event inc Concert RA Fireworks RA
Forest Church RA Generic Group RA Graveyard RA
Groundswork RA Hall RA Holiday Club RA
Hope Centre RA House Group RA Kitchen RA
Holy Island RA Light Station RA Lunch Club RA
Lunch Club 2 RA Main Hall RA Messy Church RA
Messy Church 2 RA Messy Church 3 RA Messy Church 4 RA
Messy Church 5 RA Music Concert RA Music Group RA
Open Church RA Outdoor Carols RA Pastoral Team RA
Pastoral Team 2 RA Pastoral Visiting RA Platinum Jubilee RA
Pregnancy RA School Assembly RA Schools Services
Social Function RA Springtingle RA St. Cuthbert's RA
Study Group RA Sunday School RA Sunday School 2 RA
Sunday School 3 RA Sunday School 4 RA Tea at Three RA
Teatime Church RA Theatre Production RA Toddler Group RA
Toddler Group 2 RA Tree Festival RA Working with Children RA
Young Church RA Youth Group RA Youth Group 2 RA
Youth Group 3 RA Weddings and Funerals RA  
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